School Admission Management System Project site is an attempt to make the task of administrator easier. This project ensures the consistency by enabling the parents to register themselves and to find the desired information about school time table, notices, event schedule and many more.

The administrator has the right to know everything. He has the right to know the details of the student and faculty, has the right to change any information that the website is currently providing.

School Admission Management System

The administrator can also contact the parents through email to state his child activities. Aim of this project is to provide an environment helpful for administrator, faculty and parents to obtain information. This project is developed after a thorough study of the existing manual system.

Flaws in present system / Need for new system

  •   Present system is a totally manual system which lacks security and is time consuming. This is not user friendly
  •   The data is recorded manually, which is error prone and often leads to confusion.
  •   A lot of file work had to be done for storing information like student details, faculty details.
  •   There may be possibility of delay in managing whole admission process.
  •  Also certain information redundancy may occur then it will become a   hurdle to manage.
  •  Staff member Management entitles all management of activities related to notice, time table and result publish and so on requires a lot of paper work.

Download School Admission Management System Project Report