Hill fort public School is School Management System Project which is a web based project that is maintain all the activity related to School, it store all the information of student, Hill Fort Project provide sending mail to parent regarding student activity detail.

School Management System

School Management System Overview:

Hill fort project show time to time event information related to school, hill fort project provide the facility for suggestion regarding school rules and regulation and student complaint.

  •   To provide student detailed information and faculty details.
  •   To make admission procedure fast and easy.
  •   To inform student with time to time event information and notices.
  •   To inform parents about student activities through email.
  •   To generate separate student and faculty login Id and password.

Present System in use:-

The present system consists of static web pages and do not allow dynamic insertions of data. Hence there is a need to create a dynamic website. 

  •  System can be web-based so that everyone can easily interact with system.
  •  System can provide optimize functionality.
  • System can be customizable so that one can update it.
  •  System can be flexible enough so that it can incorporate different changes time to time.
  • All the information related with HILLFORT PUBLIC SCHOOL can be documented.
  • The most important thing is security. All the data should remain consistent and secure.

School Management System Proposed System:

This is web based project. This project developed for business purpose. It provides the batter facility for student to check all the information related to exam information and study material.

This project provides the user id to student for check online events and notice.

It provides online admission facility and main objective of this project is increase the admission of school and know everyone about the school and it facility.

While using this application Client will get to know the quality of education that is delivering in school. This project developed for hillfort public school.

Download School Management System Project Report in Asp.Net with DFD, Flow Chart, Design Details.