Project Titled “ School Time table Management System “ is a project which consist of basic features that are need for computerizing works in schools.  This application is useful for schools which has large number of students and faculty.

Project Introduction:

In present school  education system there are many new requirements for providing effective service in short time. Initially we used manual process to manage various types of works in schools which require extra faculty which is increasing cost of education. If we can develop a web application which can manage administration related works then total numbers of employee will be reduced and work is totally computerized. Considering this issues and importance of school management system software we developed this application.

School Time Table Management System Project Forms Overview:

Attendance Details: In this form admin can enter attendance details of students and employees. This form consists of name, total classes attended, student id, student department, section and attendance.

Login Form: Admin will have user name and password to login to application. This is done using this from.

Period Allotment: Faculty available in the school for each subject and section and class are allotted timings for taking class using this period allotment form.

Staff Attendance:  Staff attendance form helps admin to manage every day attendance of teachers and faculty and calculate monthly attendance and generate reports. This form consists of total present, total absent, total attendance.

Staff Details:  Using Staff Details form we can update staff id, staff name, staff department. This form will help to separately manage different departments.

Time Table: For each department and each class time table for weekly, monthly and yearly are updated using this form.

Download School attendance management system project in Asp.Net