Friends Adda A Social Networking site project is a simple application which has basic features that we see in social networking sites like sending requests, uploading photos,photo gallery.

                 Social Networking Site Project

What Social Networking Site Project will do?

         Registration of the User

A registered user can only able to access the site. An unregistered user won’t be able to access the site. An anonymous user when come to the site he/she just need to fill the small registration form. For the activation of the account an auto generated mail is sent in his/her account, by clicking the link the registration process gets completed.     

      Sending friend request

A registered user will able to search friends online and send him friend request. A receiver of the friend request can either accept or decline the friend request.

     Uploading Photos and documents

A registered user can able to upload photos and documents and share it with the rest to the public in the site.

     Photo Gallery

 A registered user can able to create album and share it with there near and dear ones. This feature gives the user a facility to share their joy and happiness with their friend’s list and rest of the registered user of the site (if the album will be made public).

    Banner Management

In our website it gives tremendous opportunity from business perspective, because it creates one-to-one relationship to others. It helps to promote their products and services which helps to increase sales and with the increase of sales comes the increase in profits.

     CMS (Content Management System)

The administrator of the site is responsible for full site management and has the rights  to maintain user accounts and solve user queries and answer feedbacks.

Download Friends Adda A Social Networking Site Project Report with Screen Shots and database design.