Social networking  website application is a simple web based application for students to learn basic features of social networking like adding friends, sending requests, posting comments .  This code can be used as mini or major project for college students.

Project Title: 

Social Networking site Project in Asp.Net

Project Description: 

New users should register with website, existing user can directly log in to system and use features like adding friends, search friends, post scraps, share information, upload images. 

User Permissions:

Admin and Member are two users in social networking project. 

Admin Permission: Admin is the primary user who can manage entire application related information from back end. He has permissions to delete user account, illegal information, update new features, modify database details he has control of user information. 

Member Permissions: He is the normal user who can use all features who has no control on other member’s information. He can only add, delete or modify his own details. 

 Download Social Networking Website Project in Source code. 

Software requirement:

Front End Design: Asp.Net programming language

Back End Design: SQL Server 2008 

Visual Studio 2010/ 2008 version for coding and website designing. 

Other Plat form Design: 

Social networking site project is useful for students for practicing various concepts of programming languages in, java,, php. We can design this project in all these language. Students can refer to below links for source code.