Student academic Management system Project in Asp.Net is developed  using SDLC student development life cycle method for smart schools. The SDLC is the process of planning, analysis, design, implementation and operational support which are arranged in a systematic manner.

Student Academic Management System

Student Academic System Introduction:

The student academic management system is developed rational rose. This will provides knowledge about school environment how the information has share in that system also provides performance of student, and give education knowledge.

If they have any issues this system should provide reports and manage the academic system in school area then describes how the academic system is working by their preliminary investigation. This system works as a two end user process for both students and administrator.

Existing system:

In the existing system we don’t have any systematic manner in the student management if the administrator wants any students data in the database they need to find out data in manual system. In this method we have several problems like loss of data,searching old records of students manually and lots of paper work for managing class arrangements, student results and performance reports.

Proposed system;

Using student academic system we can solve problems occurred in existing system and maintains class arrangement, student result and performance records in a systematic manner. The student academic system is computerized process which will reduces paper work for smart schools.

This Provides  security for managing student academics, class arrangement, student result and performance reports. SAS is proposed student development life cycle which maintains student data of only one class. It has scope for both student and admin to manage record and view student information.

Download Student Academic Management System Project Synopsis