This Supplier and Consumer Transaction System application act as a bridge between supplier and product consumer using a remote server. This is an online transformation system in which users will manage their product details which are purchased by consumers. In order to remove middle persons in this system entire application is developed as web interface users from any location can directly contact the supplier and allow a consumer to directly pay to the supplier and get the product. Using this online system every transaction will go through online services and get customer acknowledgement report after purchase is done successfully this process works as automation process.

Existing system: 

In the existing system, most of the work is done through middlemen where suppliers need to send products to dealers or middlemen from whom consumers should purchase data. In this method, entire cost for the product will be increased.

problem in Existing System: 

It is hard to manage all details of the dealers and cost of the product will increase when it reaches to the customer.

Proposed System: 

Using this proposed system details of customers and service providers will be liked by a single company and customers can know information of each supplier location. This system will provide features to mail registration forms. This platform is like an online source where customers can get products directly from suppliers.  This system provides effective method to reach customers directly and improve service quality.



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Download Supplier and Consumer Transaction System Project in Asp.Net source code, project report and ppt.