Project titled television show management system project is a web portal for employees who is working in TV reality shows. Using this application they can manage shows timings, scheduling ..etc.

From past few years reality shows are most watched programs in any channel which are domination most of the other programs. In order to complete this program successfully we need a effective background process where artists are selected and calculate cost , time, scheduling and  prepare well before conduction show.

Existing System   

At present most of the TV shows are managed manually by coordinator who will look after payments, scheduling , artists dates If there are few members in the show then this will be helpful but most of the shows will have many artists and employees so manual method is not efficient.

Proposed System:

In proposed system we are developing a web based application called television show management system. Using this admin can see features of each department and upload related data to system and generate reports and calculate based on requirements. This will help in money management and save time.


The modules involved  are:                         

  1. Administrator.
  2. Television guide.
  3. User.

Administrator Module:

Admin will have permission to enter any type of data to different television programs and team managing respective show. He can view questions, view list of tv shows and reply to queries .

TV Guide Module:  Tv guide will have option to upload different tv shows of that channel and he can add queries and communicate with admin.

User Module: User will not have any features to add or delete or modify he can only view shows, posts and queries. 

Download Television Show Management System Project Source code in java with project report.