Tours and Travels Management System Project ( in Asp.Net ) is a Website which is developed based on real life. It is very helpful in business applications. Today’s extremely exhausting work environment dictates that individuals requires some joyful holiday. The website will provides a stress-free joyful refreshing holidays with cost competitive and customized packages according to their requirements. As it is web based it can provide services in almost each and every city of India.

 Tours and Travels Management System

It offer tour and travel services including ticket bookings, hotel reservations , rental car services, holiday tour packages, domestic tour packages only in one click. It provide the most suitably designed as well as the customized travel packages to the customers. A traveler can find everything related to travelling services under one roof by this website. The site will help to estimate the benefits and calculate the requirement very easily.  The benefits will be in terms of speedy query .Smooth and faster operations at all levels improve the working atmosphere of the entire organization. Maintaining the database as required. Database can be modified accordingly.

Benefits online tour and travel Management System:

1. No overhead many online travel agencies don’t have a physical location where they have to purchase furniture, supplies, and hire staff. In fact, many online travel agents operate from the comfort of their homes. All they need is a high speed Internet connection and access to global reservations systems. So the money they save on rent, utilities, personnel and other logistics constitute savings they can pass on to their customers. By booking online, you also save on trips to and from a travel agency in your area. You not only save money, you save precious time and gas.

2. Comparison shopping by searching for travel deals online, you have the luxury of comparing prices provided by various online travel agencies. The idea is to read the fine print. You can compare them on the basis of:

       · Actual fares and discounts

       · Package deals

       · Coupons and freebies

       · Travel insurance

       · Group discounts

       · Last minute bookings

       · Variety of travel deals (do they specialize in a particular country or to a particular age group?)

       · Senior citizens’ deals

       · Hotels and meals and transportation

       · Tour guides

       · Penalties for cancellations

That’s the beauty of online shopping. You’re not scampering from one travel office to another just to get an idea on prices. You can compare online deals and then narrow down your choices to three, ten or fifteen. If you have time on your hands, you can really save yourself some money by doing diligent research.

3. Ticket consolidation many online travel agencies have access to a database of discounted tickets. Sometimes when they have excess inventory, they are forced to get rid of as many tickets to make way for the next travel season where they can purchase in bulk. Travel agents usually share information on discount tickets that are still available for sale, and prices are reduced on these tickets for “selloff.” Not only can you save money on your ticket, but you can also find the best flight that suits your schedule best.

4. Wide network of travel-related services online travel agents, through frequent bookings and constant research have a wealth of information that some travel agents with no online presence don’t have. Because of their ability to network rapidly with various people who work in hotels, motels, bed and breakfasts, railway and restaurants, online travel agents are able to find the best deals for you.

Download Tours and Travels Management System Project Report with Screen Shots, Flow diagram, UML Diagram.