University management system Project is a web enabled project with client server application. The university management system holds the information of university, college, faculty and student in the university database. This university management system is automation system for storing college database like student and college information. This university management system holds the information of starting from the registration of new candidate information like attendance and marks of students in the college.  This contains information of various department details and maintains file then generates reports of students.

            The university management system is store and retrieve the information through web based application. So it collects the information of individual and overall performance of students in various colleges.

Existing System:

It is the process of storing and entering the details of attendance or mark sheet of student information. Here compulsory head of department should be involve and maintain records in excel-sheet and in paper books. So here lots of work to do, risk is more in this process. This existing system is time consuming process. If we done any mistake during the entering of marks in database risk is involved. If we need to retrieve something it is difficult in the existing system.

Proposed University Management System Project :

Here we have most update information to avoiding manual system. Proposed system have three different functional divisions those are university administrator, college administrator and user. University administrator is works as adding new colleges and universities and college administrator is maintaining the system to create departments and allocate and user mens it is a student or faculty.

System Requirements:

Hardware requirements of this project is PC and hard disk with 2GB, RAM with 256MB and software requirements are windows 2000/XP with ms office, MS-SQL server 2000/2005 and MS-visual studio .net 2005

It is simple and interactive form and user has to concentrate on validating of data.

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