Existing System: The most important hits of this 12 months are the fact indicates in every television channel. they overshadowed the soaps which seemed not possible till remaining 12 months. it’s miles pretty exciting how the backend process goes on, how the gifted contributors are determined. the general process is to journey it inside the channels or newspapers and contact all of the members and take a look at their abilities for my part. the principle downside of this process is, it is time eating, highly-priced as we need to spend money only for informing about the event.

Proposed System: In endorse machine, we are going to triumph over the issues of the present machine. The funding in engaging in and advertising and marketing the occasion in a news channel or tv program is a totally high-priced, however via making the auditions in online, there are several advantages to the artists, customers. they may be:

  • An artist can add his works to snapshots or films in my opinion.
  • A person can access the gadget from anywhere of global through the internet.
  • The expense for publicity of occasions is reduced, as the website is the smooth and less steeply-priced to canvas the occasions.
  • Monetary issues are resolved normally when in comparison with the present system.

Module: This Project is divided into three main modules

  1. Admin.
  2. Audio/Video Manipulation.
  3. TV Guide.
  4. User.

Admin Module:  On this module, the admin will preserve all information like categories, adding television suggests, view the quires, view the submit page and so forth. TV Guide Module:  In this, we’re including the post, discussions view publish. and also view discussions and consider quires User Module: In this user will registered and view his profile and also view publish, queries, discussions. Download User-Friendly TV Channel Management System Project code, report in Asp.net