Grey hound fleet vehicle management system project is designed to manage vehicles maintenance details, Vehicle repair and spare parts management with employee details and vendor’s details. This application is also useful to track vehicles performance and transportation details.

Vehicle Management System

Vehicle management software application consist of two main users admin and manager where managers are allotted by admin for different departments. Admin will be the primary user who will look after transportation details and organization details.

When new vehicle details are updated to fleet application will show whether this application is a new one or it is taken on loan or lease. When new employee is taken to organization his personal details will be added to existing employees details.

Proposed System:

  • Along with employee details and vehicle details every information is managed using software application.
  • This application will solve issues that are seen in existing system.
  • Automation of service and repair with appointment details and scheduling is done using this software.

Vehicle Management System Modules Overview:

Vehicle Module: 

  • Using this module we can add new vehicles details and equipment related to that vehicle. This process doesn’t not require any manual work.
  • We can update total km , model number, year of purchase related information for each vehicle.
  • What we need is a basic information related to vehicle.

Employee Information: 

  • Employees working in the organization details are updated , modified and deleted using this module.
  • We can add employee name, personal information, license details and provide employee number to each employee. 

Maintenance Module: 

When user gives vehicle for service or repair details of that vehicle and user information is managed using this module. We can update type of service, spare parts details..etc.

Inventory Module: 

This module is also called as report generation module when any type of work is completed to give receipts we will use this module. Like cost summary, maintenance service performance, vendor reports and employee reports.

Download Grey Hound Fleet Vehicle Management System Project Source Code in Asp.Net with project report, documentation, ppt.