Visa processing system project is management software developed in which is useful for companies mainly multinational companies where there is regular employee shifts between US and India.  This application will help companies to manage employee’s visa processing details in database and provide required documents whenever there is visa processing for that employee.

visa processing system

This application comes under client server architecture where Human resource department will  have permissions to create as many users as possible and these users are called as HR executive.

Previous System:

In previous system most of the work is managed using manual process. In this process it is tough to manage every employee data and process in short time.

Time and human resource requirement is high.

Security issues are also low because of manual work.

Visa Processing System Modules Overview:

There are totally four main modules in which visa processing system will work on these modules working is explained below.

Admin Module: He is the main user of the application mainly HR manager is called as admin he has permissions to create HR executives by providing User name and passwords for every user. These users may process employee details but HR manager will finalize visa approval, visa status details. He has permissions to generate reports for like employee interview reports, result reports. As he is the primary users he has control over all other users.

Visa processing Module:

This module will look after details of visa related documents of each employee. Employee passport, experience letters, related processing documents and past visiting details.  This module is operated by HR executive who will schedule interview to employee and he should attend on given time and all these processing details are managed in database.

Visa processing and report generation modules are other modules which are explained in project report.

Download Visa Processing System Project in Source Code, Project Report, Documentation, PPT, and Database Design.