Water and Land Management Institute (WALMI) is a training institute for training personnel/ in-service officers of Department of Rural Development, Water Resources, Agriculture, PHED, Horticulture, Mandi Board, Fisheries, Animal Husbandry etc. besides various missions related with water and land management and allied aspects of it.

Water and Land Management Institute

        Water and Land Management Institute software in Asp.net is handles the whole training schedule made by the coordinator of walmi.



                          For making software for WALMI, we need knowledge of their existing system. For this purpose we take interview of some  persons working in WALMI.

We gather information from taking interview of those person who are related with this software. As- Training Coordinator, Hostel Warden, Trainee, Guest Faculty. 

2. Group Discussion:

It was the discussion among the company people who were involved in the project. At first many ideas were pooled in and existing themes, concepts which the other web applications were using were chosen. And then all these ideas were brought into action by the programmers.   

3. Online observation:

It is the process of getting close details of the existing software or web application from the internet. The major objective is to get as close as possible to the system .The information of the TRAINING MANAGEMENT SYSTEM software  was obtained from the existing web applications which are running successfully.       

     5. INFORMATION DESCRIPTION                                                           

Training Management System and web application:-. 

1).The purpose of the application is to help the director to get details about the training, hostel, feedback, employee, expenses  etc. 

2). Training Details, Feedback Report, Bill generate automatically. 

3). It help the training Coordinator to manage the training details, Trainee Information easily. 

4). This  application also help to hostel Warden to manage the hostel and mess details in easy way. 

5). This application is also useful for manage detail of Guest Speaker and their lecture information. 

6). It helps to manage the all visits during training. 

7). It also calculate the total gain and expenses of walmi from a training.

Download Water and Land Management Institute Project Report and source code in Asp.net, PPT.