This application works on multithreaded concept , first we will take uniform resource identifier  of website and based on that identifier we will download all pages which works as backend process.

Website Pages Downloader Project

Website Pages Downloader Project


Website offline reader application is useful for download all pages of any specific website and read them offline. Downloaded files works as mirror of existing website. This type of applications are available on web for free. This applications can help users who are having limited network connectivity.

Project overview: 

It is tough to download Websites which are having many pages at a single instance. For search engines there must be parallel process running to fetch data of different websites and provide results to users. For this purpose applications are developed where pages are downloaded and stored in database which will be crawled by processes in a short time and provide results.

Existing system:

In existing system there are no specific methods or tools which can download entire website in short time. So it becomes difficult to download all pages and upload. It will take more time to download each page manually. 

Proposed System: 

Here a software tool is developed where by giving website url entire pages are listed out and we can download all pages. This process will save time and data can be indexed in search engines in short time.  This tool can be used for normal user and search engine for completing task in short time. If there are errors in page then that page is left and remaining pages are downloaded. 

Software Requirements:

Operating System                                 Windows NT

Languages                                             Java 2.0, Jsp, Jdbc, Pramati

Application Server 3.0

Web Technologies                                HTML, JavaScript.

Back End                                              Oracle 8.0

Documentation Tool                             Microsoft word 2000


Download   Website Pages Downloader Project source code in java with project report.