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Gas Leakage Detection and Auto Switch Off System

AIM: Gas Leakage detection and auto switch off system project aim is to develop a automation system for factories and house where Gas leakage is serious issue. Using this system we can detect and control by directly switching off Gas when there is leakage. PURPOSE: Purpose of this project is to solve problems that are(…)

Vehicle ON and OFF Using GSM and SMS Service

AIM: Vehicle ON and OFF Using GSM and SMS service project aim is to provide a automated system for cars ignition where we can send messages with password and perform ON or OFF for IGNITION. PURPOSE: Purpose of this project is to remove process of key based starting system for cars. Using this system we(…)

GSM Based Motor Control System Using SMS service

AIM: Aim of GSM based motor control system using SMS service is designed to help farmers to control motors from any location by switching on or off by sending Messages. We can also control Direction of Motor . PURPOSE: Purpose of this project is to design a system for controlling motor along with direction control(…)

Home Automation and Security Using SMS Service

AIM: Aim of home automation and security using SMS Service is a embedded application using GSM technology to control any type of hardware devices used in houses and provide home security with SMS service. PURPOSE: Purpose of this project is to control all home devices related to electronic appliances remotely using GSM technology by sending(…)

Prepaid Water Billing for Water Supply System

AIM: Aim of prepaid water billing for water supply system is to design an automated system through which user can recharge prepaid amount for water supply .Based on amount recharged user will get water. PURPOSE: Purpose of this project is to provide a easy way of buying water with prepaid recharge which can help water(…)

RFID Based Information Providing for Visitors in Museum

AIM: Aim of this project is to provide a wireless communication method using RFID technology, Bluetooth and android application to provide information of any item or person in museum. PURPOSE: Purpose of this project to help users in a effective way to know about any information of item or person available in museum using a(…)

Diesel Cars Maintenance Remainder System

Aim of diesel cars maintenance Remainder System project is to develop a simple hardware equipment for cards to get reminder information about status of diesel engines based on its maintenance status.  PURPOSE: Purpose of this project is to provide a secure method of information system for car drivers to know about status of engine maintenance(…)

RFID Based Bank Locker System

AIM: Main objective of RFID based bank locker system is to provide a effective method of handling bank lockers and provide security using Electronic cards.  PURPOSE: Purpose of this project is to improve security for users in handling there bank lockers with new type of locking technology using RFID. LOCKER SECTION:   DESCRIPTION: In present(…)

Token Verification System for Metro Trains

AIM: Main objective of token verification system for metro trains is to provide automatic ticket verification at metro entrance to open and close door using RFID technology.        PURPOSE: Purpose of this system is to remove manual method of ticket verification and introduce automatic door open and close system by verifying user ticket(…)