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Supplier and Consumer Transaction System Project in Asp.Net

This Supplier and Consumer Transaction System application act as a bridge between supplier and product consumer using a remote server. This is an online transformation system in which users will manage their product details which are purchased by consumers. In order to remove middle persons in this system entire application is developed as web interface(…)

Franchise Management System Project in Asp.Net

To automate the process of transactions and managing different tasks related to franchise business between head office and franchise owners this software will be used. This works as a web application through which users from any location can access this application using web services. There are different modules for both franchise owner and who can(…)

Photo sharing Website Project in

Photo sharing website is a user-friendly application which will have features like uploading photos, sharing images with friends, sending invitations, viewing images using slide shows, Managing albums and send images for printing. Using this web interface user can easily upload photos and manage albums without restriction in size or space. PURPOSE OF THE PROJECT: Purpose(…)

Android Local Bus Stop Locator Application

The main objective of android local bus stop locator application is a map service based android application which works on all mobiles which support android operating system. In order to use this application user must have a valid mobile with an internet connection. This application uses Google maps API for showing routes and location bus(…)

Alumni Portal App Mobile Application

Alumni portal android application is an education-related application which provides a platform for students for sharing information between different years and help each other in different areas. This application helps students to connect with each other under a single platform.¬† This application is mainly for students who are studying in the college and want to(…)

Budget Planner for Organisations Ajax Asp.Net Project

This project budget Planner for organisations is specially developed for companies where there is large number of employees. This application provides options for companies to reduce manual work by automating the process of work. Employees can select different options available on the portal for submitting bills. These details are sent to concerned department and user(…)

Hotel Management and Administration System Project in Asp.Net

Hotel management and Administration¬†system project is developed in and SQL server database. This application provides features to manage customers, room allocation, payment details ..etc. Project Overview: An easy to perform consumer friendly, economically priced software program that committed to meet all necessities to manage small, medium and massive scale inns. motel management machine is(…)

Calculator C Project Source Code

Project overview: This project is a simple calculator application developed in c language which will cover most of the concepts like classes¬†functions, logic ..etc. This code consists of all features that are available in the normal calculator. Features like addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, SIN, COS, TAN ..etc. Objective: The main objective of this project is(…)

Ball Game C Project

Ball Game C Project application is a simple ball game for c programmers which will have the ball moving from top to bottom with paddle moving from left to right. the user needs to control directions using left and right keys to managing bricks to hit ball and send to opposition paddle. Objective: The main(…)

Furniture Shop Management Android Application

Furniture Shop management android application is designed to automate the process of shop management through android app. Shop owners can only access this app for managing the business. Information related to material availability, stock details, order details ..etc. can be viewed from this app. The owner can take a decision based on this data. OBJECTIVES(…)