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Packet Flow Control Using NBP Algorithm Java Project

In present Networking System, congestion control has a lot of scope for developing new algorithms and increase efficiency. In order to provide an effective method, this project is designed with Packet Flow Control Using NBP Algorithm. The net’s brilliant scalability and robustness bring about the part from the end-to-stop nature of internet congestion control. End-to-give(…)

College Online Attendance Project in

College Online Attendance Project covers features of updating students information based on branch and year wise and update attendance of each student and generate reports. Introduction: With the multiplied cognizance among people for the literacy, many colleges and schools have emerged and which will streamline the students, the respective boards have laid a constraint at(…)

RMI Methods Implementation using Sockets Project

RMI methods implementation using sockets and network programming is shown in this project. Using this application we can analyze packet transmission time for sending and receiving and other parameters like latency. With the proliferation of the net and network services, there may be an abundance of disbursed applications along with e-trade and other web-based applications(…)

Image Enhancement Techniques Project

Image Enhancement Techniques project is an image processing related application which will remove unwanted information like noise improve contrast and highlight which is most important features in the image and show only useful information. This project is developed in Java programming language. Here we integrated specific enhancement methods which might be dealt by means of(…)

Multi Threading Concept in Sockets Project

Multi threading Concept in Sockets Project covers coding on how to use threading concept in sockets while transmitting data from source to destination. This project is developed in java using networking concepts. This article is set a consumer/server multi-threaded socket class.The thread is non-obligatory since the developer is still accountable to decide if desires it.(…)

TCP-PR Protocol For Effective Reordering project

TCP-PR Protocol For Effective Reordering project is a networking project which is useful in for improving the performance of data transmitted on the network and reduced re transmission. Maximum fashionable implementations of TCP perform poorly when packets are reordered. in this paper, we recommend a new version of TCP that keeps excessive throughput while reordering occurs(…)

Multiple User Video Conference Project in Java

Multiple User Video Conference Project in Java is a standalone application using networking concepts which is useful for connecting users to the internet and users can chat using video and voice. The motivation at the back of this mission comes from the shortage of platform-independent answer for video conference. proprietary hardware and platform-unique video codecs(…)

Routing Methods and their Performance Project in Java

Routing Methods and Their Performance project is a network application which compares three types of routing types like ip routing, selfish source routing, and selfish overlay and shows performance difference between three methods. The latest trend in routing research is to avoid inefficiencies in network-degree routing by using allowing hosts to both pick routes themselves(…)

Routing Application with Nodes and Router In Java

Routing application with nodes and router is a simple Java application which covers features of sending messages from source to destination by selecting nodes and routers. An easy definition of routing is “gaining knowledge of how to get from here to there.” in a few instances, the time period routing is utilized in a totally(…)

SQL Query Generation Using NLP Project in Java

Natural language processing (nlp) is a subfield of artificial intelligence and linguistics.It researches the problems of automatic era and expertise of natural human languages. Natural language technology structures convert facts from laptop databases into everyday-sounding human language, and Natural language expertise systems convert samples of human language into more formal representations which are less complicated(…)