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Controlling Home Appliances Using Smart Card

AIM: This smart card based controlling home appliances aim is to design a hardware to switch on or off any appliance using relays and display information on lcd screen. PURPOSE: Purpose of smart card technology project is to reduce manual work by just controlling any home application using micro controller and relays. CONTROL SECTION:  (…)

RFID Based Examination Hall Management System

AIM: This embedded based hardware project is developed to reduce manual work for students and examination management team . RFID technology is used to track student details and room information.  PURPOSE: Purpose of RFID based examination hall management system is to reduce manual work and improve comfort for examination department and students.  BLOCK DIAGRAM:   (…)

RFID based Library Management System

AIM: Main objective of this application is to design a RFID based library management system for storing list of available books and updating issued book details. PURPOSE: In this embedded application we will use RFID tags which are like cards used for issuing books to users in library.     BLOCKDIAGRAM: DESCRIPTION: In this application(…)

Students and Staff Automation System Project

Project introduction: Student and staff automation system project is database management software with front end data updating using java html pages. Application is developed for colleges and schools for handling data of students and staff in a single database. Admin will upload details of student and queries for new course details. Admin can update, delete(…)

Online Chatting System With Displaying Chat History

Online chatting system with display chat history application works on wired networks like LAN. This chat application has option to chat with different regional languages. Chat application works for multiple users but each user must register with application .After login user can enter in to group for chat. After register and login part is done(…)

Project Development Management System

Project development management system is a software tool which is used for managing any type of project related information from starting of development to end of process. This includes design, development, coding, testing and support. Software management tool is important because for any company working on multiple projects is a common thing so we need(…)

Website Pages Downloader Project

This application works on multithreaded concept , first we will take uniform resource identifier  of website and based on that identifier we will download all pages which works as backend process. Introduction: Website offline reader application is useful for download all pages of any specific website and read them offline. Downloaded files works as mirror(…)

Employee Efficiency Management System

This application is management tool for companies for managing work along with employee efficiency and updating status on regular basis. This project will cover employee task management along with time taken by employee to complete work and list of employees working on specific task for further selection.  Introduction:           For any company employee resource management(…)

Online E Tax Summary System Project

Project titled E tax summery system is a revenue related application which is useful for any employee or business persons to directly generate summary report by just uploading required documents to website.  For finalizing tax payments users can submit report with deductions. This report can be used by user to discuss with accounts section and(…)

Television Show Management System Project

Project titled television show management system project is a web portal for employees who is working in TV reality shows. Using this application they can manage shows timings, scheduling ..etc. From past few years reality shows are most watched programs in any channel which are domination most of the other programs. In order to complete(…)