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SQL Workbench Mini Java Project

SQL workbench is the challenge that goes around the development of GUI generic database consumer.  It’s far the task this is supposed to make the connections to different databases from the simple interface in a smooth, honest, quicker and reliable manner. This software program to be designed offers unique databases and execute different varieties of(…)

Distributed Packet Buffers for High-Bandwidth Switches and Routers

Excessive-speed routers rely on properly-designed packet buffers that help multiple queues, offer massive capability and quick response times. some researchers advised blended SRAM/dram hierarchical buffer architectures to meet these demanding situations. however, these architectures suffer from either large SRAM requirement or high time-complexity inside the reminiscence management. on this paper, we present scalable, green, and(…)

Online Education Facility System

So as for a desires assessment to have a successful outcome, it must accomplish much stuff–enhancing performance being simply one. It needs to additionally Decide how to obtain the excessive-level goals of the enterprise (along with increasing income and fostering innovation) Decide what system barriers (other than training) want to be eliminated A  factor to(…)

Detecting obstacles for avoiding accidents using Ultra Sonic Sensors

AIM: Detecting obstacles for avoiding accidents using ultra sonic sensors project aim is to design a micro controller based security system which can detect obstacles from distance and take inform in advance. Objective: Main objective of this system is to design a system which can consider existing system problems and provide solution for accident avoiding(…)

Gesture Based Movement Controlled Vehicle For Visually Challenged

Aim: Project tilted gesture based movement controlled vehicle for visually challenged persons aim is to design embedded application using micro controller to provide solution for physically challenged persons to control vehicle by just moving their hands. Existing system: In existing system wheel chairs are given to physically challenged persons which are operated by hand or(…)

Touch Panel Based Industrial Device Control System

AIM: Project Tilted Touch Panel Based Industrial Device Control System Is  A Parameter Controlling System Which Is Used In Industries To Swith On Or Off For Any Device From Any Location Using Touch Pad . IMPLEMENTATION: For implementing this project we are using micro controller AT89S52 which is integrated with touch panel, relays. Relays are(…)

Wireless Robot Control System for Industries using ZIGBEE

AIM: Project titled wireless robot control system for industries using zigbee technology is designed to take risk operations that to be performed where humans cannot handle problem. Existing system: In Existing System Industries Use To Have Alarm Systems And Security Aleart Systems Which Will Inform authorities About Any Issues But There Was Manual System To(…)

Advanced Security System for ATM’s Using GSM and MEMS

AIM:  Advanced security system for ATM using GSM and MEMS project main aim is to design a security system for ATM to detect thief and update information to authority using GSM technology. Existing system: In existing system video recording based security system which will record daily visitor details and update to database. If there is(…)