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Work Scheduling and Planning Project

Financial companies need a effective application like work scheduling and planning related web applications which can schedule , monitor employee and generate reports and submit reports to head office and computerise work process.  Work scheduling introduction:  Scheduling and work force management software are developed to computerise process of scheduling. This application can manage employee leaves,(…)

Database handling system Project

Database handling system project is a management tool developed for companies to manage their database from a front end system.  User can use this tool to modify, delete, and update data from the centralised database. Database Explorer Introduction: There are many tools like advanced query tool, alpha software which are used for accessing different database(…)

Auditing System for Substation Project

Auditing System for Substation Project is specially developed for electricity department which is used in substations to calculate power loss based on total number of units calculated from bills and total number or output from substation and compare it with other substations and take respective action on power loss. Energy Audit system Introduction: Energy auditing(…)

Inventory and Warehouse Management System

Inventory and warehouse management system project is a automation related application which is used for ware houses to handle information of goods,stock, maintenance..etc.  In order to deliver goods in time and manage large amount of data on timely basis with out any issues this application will be useful. Project Introduction: Ware house management software can(…)

Web based Watermarking System Project

This web based watermarking system project is designed to help users to provide security for images or any digital data by watermarking content through online portal.  Users need to register with application and upload content to website with text field option to enter which text to be displayed as water mark. Water marking Introduction: Digital(…)

Project on Digital Encryption Standard Algorithm

DES algorithm project  is developed to explain about how security can be provided to data before transmitting data from source to destination on network. Detailed specification  The detailed usage, features and functionality of this accounting application are described in this section the fields are also added as per the requirement. This project is based on(…)

Employee Contract management System

Employee contact management system provides solution for managing employees related details of joining, salary, sub contract details ..etc in a software application. This application can help in analysing total number of employees and monthly salaries and many other details in short time and take decision on employee management or shift management . Subsystem Services: Administrator(…)

Face Recognition Project Using Eigen Values

Face recognition system using eigen values is a security related application for accurately calculating human faces. Detail of functionality and algorithms are explained below. ALGORITHM 1: INPUT:  The path of the sample images to be stored in the database and the path of the real time image is given as input. STEP1: The images are(…)

Fleet And Employee Management System

Fleet and employee management system project is developed for Construction Company to manage vehicles, material and employee details.  Modules Explanation:  Vehicle/Truck Module:  This module is sole responsible for managing entities called vehicle. In this module you have the options such as adding and getting reports. The different kinds of reports you can get in this(…)

Telecom Customer service Management System

Project on telecom customer service management system deals with computerisation of work flow in telecom department. This is like a department portal which will have options to manage customer’s details and application submission features. Project Introduction:  Telecom industry is the fast growing technology all over the world. There are large numbers of customers for each(…)