The main goal of the Campus Management System Project is to obtain the complete and correct information. Because University management department of an organization maintains a record of:

  • The Colleges
  • The Students
  • The Examination & Result 

To do that, the department:

  • Prepares the record for each department, showing the total number of student and colleges.
  • Keeps track of any modification necessary related to the students and colleges.
  • Produces regular reports for the Organization giving the total information required. 

Management needs to know details like department – number of colleges, their streams, the degree courses run by them and location. Management also needs to know the same information about the students.

Campus Management System Project Design:

The system is designed based on the objectives set for the new information system in the strategic plan. Our outermost objectives is as follows: 

1)            Increasing the company profit

2)            Securing the customer intact with the company

3)            Improving customer services

4)            Understanding user requirement

5)            Suggesting a logical organization of data

6)            Monitoring and controlling decision

7)            Securing a larger market share. 

Up to the time of system proposal, we have concerned them with the local design of the system. Although we have decided that specific software should be purchased as well as interface like C++. After the system proposal is agreed to, we concern them with physical design of the system. Here we create, detailed specification for every aspect of the system. This includes form design, file organization, procedural steps and so on. 

The following are the major steps in system design: 

1)                Specification of data elements, records and files

2)                Specification in input forms, data preparation formats and identification of personnel who will complete them.

3)                Specification of system output

4)                Development of system flow charts

5)                Development of feedback and control procedures

6)                Development of program specifications

7)                Development of operating specifications

8)                Resource planning and implementation:

  • Phasing out the existing system
  • Training user or personnel
  • System review and parallel operation

Download Campus Management System Project in C++ with source code, project report, documentation.