Academic search engine project is a simple search engine designed to search academic information in colleges and universities.  This project is developed in C++ programming language using QT design tool in Linux platform.

Academic Search Engine Project

Search Engine

Project Introduction:

Many universities are developing their own websites and providing information of previous year student’s research papers, project reports, and project source code for reference to new students.  This academic library project contains of many education related information, there is need of search feature for finding exact information.

This project is designed to help students to search based on keywords and title.  This application supports two basic search engines Google scholar and Microsoft academic search.

List of modes search engine works:

Single person and single search engine

Single person with multiple search engines

Many users with multiple search engines

Project Category:

Search Engine project in PHP


We can search multiple names by using new line separated option for the information user want to search.

Displays count of articles related to search query

Saving search displayed results using save option in JSON format.


When multiple users use search feature, Program will generate one thread for every user. One minute Search time out is maintained for each task.

When there is no data to display or any error in search engines NA results will be displayed.

Download Academic Search Project Source Code

Execution Procedure:

Detailed information about how to run application, how to install library and packages are provided in read me file which is available in download file.

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