Smart traffic control system or management system project is designed to reduce problems that we are facing in high ways. Software source code is available in C++ programming language.

Smart Traffic Control Management System

Project Category:

Smart Traffic Management System

Project Introduction:

In existing available methods traffic signaling is only the solution for controlling traffic in busy junctions. But this method is useful when there is less traffic , there are problems in managing traffic when there is high traffic like one lane got more traffic and other lanes are free.

In order to develop a efficient method for controlling traffic mainly on high ways traffic management application is required. This application will analyze traffic for each lane and provide solution to divide traffic based on the type of vehicle. Small vehicles are all moved to one land and heavy vehicles are moved to other lane. This process will reduce traffic congestion.

Algorithm designed in this project will predict traffic information and calculate total number of vehicles and road space available on each lane and amount of road covered by vehicles in different lanes.

Steps to Follow:

Before using this application students should follow instructions provided in read me file.


This method will provide solutions to solve traffic issues which are not possible in signaling method.

Latest technologies are used for analyzing traffic and give solution to take steps.

Reduces risk for traffic police.

Download smart traffic control Management System Project Source Code