Tank wars is a Gaming project developed in C++ programming language.  This game is inspired from battle city game. This project is useful for students who are looking for simple c++ projects for academic projects.

Tank wars

C++ Game Project

Project Category:

C++ gaming Project

Project Abstract:

Tank wars project is a war game where two payers should play. Each player will gave tanker and powers for fighting on other person post. Player should collect items which are placed around the arena. Every tank will have command place from where player should start playing.

Project Aim:

This Game aim is to score as many points as possible by fighting with opponent player. Based on points earned by the end of the game player is decided as winner.

Points are earned by collecting gold or attacking and destroying enemy base camp or enemy tank.

There are three options for completing game

  1. One of the tanker should be killed
  2. One of the base camp should be shot down
  3. None of the them are dead but total moves are completed.

Download Tank Wars Project Source Code in C++

Project Development:

Students can find detailed explanation about project development and step by step process that is required to complete project. First open read me file and then tutorial file for clearly understanding about project. 

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