Project titled “Telephone billing System” is useful for computerizing billing system. Software code provided here in C++ is useful for viewing customer information, calculating taxes, updating billing details, calculating other charges..Etc.

Telephone Billing System

Project Category:

Telephone Bill Payment Management Software

Project Abstract:

In existing system most of the management work is done through software applications. Similarly billing payment details for every month can be done using this application.


Updating Consumer information:  Enter telephone number, name, address, city, opening reading and closing reading.

Deductions: Calculation of rent, debits, tax, gross amount, previous balance, and surcharge can be performed.

Out screen: Details which are entered in about forms are calculated and shown in the form of bill format. Which consist of all details for cuttings and payments with address and name.

Billing details are updated to file after output is displayed.

Project Advantages:

Simple application with easy to understand and print bill details.

We can add more features by adding more modules to software.

Manual paper work process will be reduced and data is secured.


Console based application where data is entered in console as input and results is shown in file and command prompt.

This project is useful as learning project not as a academic project.

Download Telephone billing system Project in C++

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