Android Projects

Android Local Bus Stop Locator Application

The main objective of android local bus stop locator application is a map service based android application which works on all mobiles which support android operating system. In order to use this application user must have a valid mobile with an internet connection. This application uses Google maps API for showing routes and location bus(…)

Alumni Portal App Mobile Application

Alumni portal android application is an education-related application which provides a platform for students for sharing information between different years and help each other in different areas. This application helps students to connect with each other under a single platform.  This application is mainly for students who are studying in the college and want to(…)

Furniture Shop Management Android Application

Furniture Shop management android application is designed to automate the process of shop management through android app. Shop owners can only access this app for managing the business. Information related to material availability, stock details, order details ..etc. can be viewed from this app. The owner can take a decision based on this data. OBJECTIVES(…)

Android Based Banking Application

Problem Definition:  An Android-based banking App is an alternate option for users who are using online banking option which is a not as comfortable as a mobile app. That’s the reason why most of the banks are moving to mobile banking apps. The main idea behind developing this app is to help the customer to(…)

Image Mapping Android Project

Introduction: The image Mapping android gaming project deals with constructing a final image from different parts of the image and if matching is perfect with original one then the game is completed and the user is awarded points. Description: In order to run this application user must have a clear idea of how the game(…)

Finding Doctor Android Project

Introduction: Finding Doctor android healthcare related project helps users to find doctors located at the nearby location and search for hospitals and also provide guidance and other information of doctor availability and shows timing and provide route map which is at a shorter distance. Description: The objective of this application is to deal with handling(…)

School Students Management System Android Project

Introduction: Android platform provides a best way to reach users with a unique concept and there is more than 10,000 applications apps request in last year which is uploaded to the app store. As smartphone users are increasing daily usage of apps for different purposes also increased. Using Android platform as base this project school(…)

Health Update For Quit Smoking Android Project

Introduction Health Update For Quit Smoking Android Project  is a health care-related application which is useful for users to get away with smoking and information about health status with images and a total number of cigarettes user had smoked for each day.  Based on these details information of smoke level and damage done to lungs(…)

Online Shopping Android Application

At present Android apps are replacing website applications. Mainly in shopping category, Online Shopping apps are used which provides an option to purchase from any location. Description: This android application provides an effective way of shopping by providing options for selecting the wide range of products from different categories like clothing, electronics, furniture..etc. Users can(…)