Android Projects

Food Ordering Android Project Abstract

Food ordering application in Android is a simple mobile application which is useful for ordering food from the stadium or playground while viewing matches. The user can get information of each item available at the food court inside stadium and order through the app . Food ordering application is an android app which enables person to reserve(…)

Multi Mode Block Messaging Android Project

Multi Mode Block Messaging Android Project the name itself indicates that it contains different modes and for each mode the functionality of the application has set with the time and associated message. Only the contacts which are saved in the saved list are allowed to take the call and the other calls will be blocked basing(…)

METRO Android Project

Purpose of METRO Android Project  is to develop a user friendly mobile application in android platform for provides mobile based service for customers. which provides a service to all the customers and users who want to find information of trains running and fares from any location using mobile phone.  Existing System:  In existing system users(…)

Furniture Shop Management System Android Project

Furniture Shop Management System Project is aimed at developing the system for the furniture shop owners who can “efficiently” manage the business. This project is aimed at providing the required information from the available data for the shop owners to make the informed decisions and utilize the constrained resources in the best possible ways.  Furniture Shop(…)

Budget Analysis Android Project

The purpose of this project is to give detail description of Budget Analysis Android Project . It will explain about analysis of budget. Overview Application allows to manage budget that include set budget & update budget as well as set budget limit & update budget limit. It manages daily expense as well as manage category of(…)

Facebook Friends on Google Map Android Source Code

Main objective of facebook friends on google map android application is to develop a simple application which is useful for users to locate friends on google map who are listed in their friends list.    Project Overview:  At present social networking is the ongoing trend in every country. With this improvement of users visiting social(…)

ECG Android Project Source Code

Main objective of this application is to design a ECG application which uses wireless technology (vitalsense from Intelsense). These sensors will detect and send ECG data signals using Bluetooth technology. ECG Android Project Overview: With the advancement of mobile technology there are new ideas involved in to it mainly app development is the fast growing(…)

Bank Account Tracking System Android Project

Bank account tracking system is a android project developed for mobiles which works on android platform. Main objective of this application is to help users to track balance, transaction details of different bank accounts of the user. Bank Account Tracking System Features Overview: Add New Account: Using this feature we can add new account to list(…)

Class Time Table Android Source Code

Class Time table Android App development with source code and step by step procedure to execute this project t is explained in this application.  Project Overview:  Class time table project main objective is to develop a android app which can help institutions, schools or colleges faculty members to plan and schedule classes and batches. Train(…)

Insurance and Banking Notifier Android Project

This application Insurance and Banking Notifier is a android application which is specially developed for users who want to get notifications on personal finance related information on their mobiles.  Project Introduction:  In present trend smart phones are playing important role in providing information for users on go. Because of vast features of smart phones apps(…)