Android Projects

Android Examples With Source Code

In this category we provide list of android examples with source code and project report for some projects. This project are developed by students for college submission purpose. Students can use android example projects for reference purpose or directly execute projects. Source code is for free download.  List of Android Examples with Source Code: E(…)

Android Application Source Code For Driving Directions

Driving Direction is a simple android application which covers map view, map activity, over lay controller, map point, geo point concepts. Students can download android application source code with java files.  Project Introduction: At present there are many mapping related android applications which are used for find route. We need to provide source and destination(…)

Safe Cab Android Project Source Code Free Download

Safe cab is a android project which is useful as education project for students who are looking for simple android project source code free download and submitting to college or practising android projects.  Project Overview: Main objective of developing safe cab android application is to provide security for users who are travelling in cabs and(…)

Android Joystick APP Using Bluetooth Project

If you are looking to develop a joystick like application which works on bluetooth or wifi then android joystic App is the best application which will help users to use mobile phone as joystick and control from remote locations. There are many applications on android app store like ultimate gamepad, pc joystic ..etc apps which(…)

Projects in Android for IT Students

Computer science students who want to develop projects in android can find latest collection of android projects with source code. Students can use android applications for mini projects or major projects. We will update more android projects which will be useful for education purpose. Students who are new to android platform can download simple android(…)

Hello Android Project

Hello android project is a simple android application which will help students to learn how to develop simple android applications like displaying hello android text on screen. Students can download Hello Name Simple Android Project which is next level android project where user can enter text on box which will be displayed on screen. Hello(…)

Unit Converter Android Source Code

Unit converter android project is a mobile app for android phones.  This app is designed to calculate unit conversions like temperature from Celsius to other unit formats . Using this app we can convert from any unit to other unit accurately.   In order to convert any unit user should enter value in the text box and click(…)

Simple Android Projects with Source Code

Hello android application is a simple android projects with source code for students who are new to android platform. This project consists of simple files in java and xml which will help users to under stand code. Students can download full project source code and use android software to execute this project. Source Code View:(…)

Group Messenger Android Project Source Code

Group Messenger android project is a mobile app which can run on android operating system. There are many group chat messenger app in android app store where users can download for free of cost. This application will have similar features like adding friends to list, sending messages. Project Over view: Like existing messenger apps group(…)

Android Simple Messenger Project

Simple Messenger Android Project source code is explained in this article. Simple messenger app is useful for adding friends and sent text messages to friends individually and in a group. Project Overview: There are many messenger based android apps which are available for free download.  This app is developed with minimum features for text messaging. (…)