Android Projects

Simple Dynamo Android Project Source Code

In this Android project we will provide Simple dynamo Project Source Code. This application is useful for students to develop this project as final year project.  Source Code for Layout: Activity simple Dynamo XML Code: This xml file load first at the time of executing project. Source Code provided below explains about how initial design(…)

Calculator Android Source Code

Calculator android project is a education project which will have basic features like addition, subtraction, division, multiplication features. This this article we will give source code for full project and explain main files. About Android Calculator: Android operating system is the fast growing mobile operating system in the market. Android provides solution for users to(…)

Sms Remote Control Android Project Source Code

SMS Remote Control Android Project is a mobile app for android phones which is part of android project for students. This app is useful for controlling different applications remotely using remote technology. Project Introduction: Android mobile phones provide solution for downloading free mobile apps from stores. SMS remote control application uses remote technology for controlling(…)

SmartFtp Client Android Project Source Code

Smartftp client is a android project which will have common features that are present in existing ftp android apps that are available for free download from app store.  Using Smartftp app we can transfer files from our mobile to server.  Project Introduction: Main objective of this project is to develop a android app like filezilla(…)

Block Call Android Project Source Code

Block Call Android Project is a simple mobile based application which is useful for blocking unwanted calls by adding numbers to block list. There are many android apps like call blocker which will have similar features.  Introduction to Block Call Application:  Most of the users prefer block call android application to control unwanted calls. Now(…)

Android Projects for Students

Android projects with full source code for final year students. Projects listed here are for Android projects for students from different backgrounds can download these projects listed below and execute with out any issues. Most of these projects are developed by college students as final year college projects.  Each project file consists of library(…)

Age Calculator Android Project Source Code

Age calculator is a simple android project which can calculate exact age and total number of days of a person.  User should enter date of birth with month, day and year and set to calculate age. If you are looking to develop this project for learning android programming this will be helpful. Uses can download(…)

Java Board Game Design Project Source Code

Java Board Game Design Project Source Code

Board game Design Project is simple Android based JAVA gaming project which is a two player game user can select second player as human or computer. This project covers full java source code with design details. Project Category: Java Gamming Project on Board game. Board Game introduction: Gaming is the fast growing online business and(…)

E Contact Android Project Source Code

E Contact Android Project Source Code

E contact Android app project is designed to help users in emergency situation. Using E contact mobile app user can contact hospital, fire station, police, bock bank, emergency contact and ambulance.  Project Introduction: The bottom line is that the main idea behind this project was to create an android application that could be of great(…)

Group Messenger Android Project

Group Messenger Android Project

Group messenger project is a communication project developed in Android Platform. This project is developed as master’s project by Computer Science Students. Project Category: Android Java Group Messaging Software Project Abstract: Mobiles application is having good demand in marker. Mobile apps for android, iphone are helping users to earn money by developing own apps. Users(…)