Asp.Net Projects

Asp.Net is one of the mostly used software programming language by developers and students for developing projects and applications. In this category students can find latest collection of projects with source code , project ideas, documentation for projects and paper presentations.These projects are useful for computer science, cse, it, bca, mca final year students. Students can directly use these projects are academic projects.

Online Blood Donor Project in

This idea is aimed at developing an online blood donor application. The entire challenge has been developed retaining in view of the allotted consumer server computing era, in mind. The blood donation agent is to create an e-information about the donor and company which might be associated with donating the blood. Through this software, any(…)

Online Cash Processing Project in

Online Cash Processing projects are developed using N tire architecture which works on a waterfall model. This project comes under banking transaction system category. The main objective of this project is to design and account division system which will provide an effective way of transaction system with a user-friendly interface. Using this system bankers can manage(…)

Mobile Payment System Project in

Mobile payment system project is developed in which is useful for helping users to manage mobile bills, send and receive information from any location at any time. This application will provide an option for any type of users from job holders, housewives, and business persons to pay bills through this web application. This application(…)

Instant Internet Project in Asp.Net

The instant internet project in  is a network-based project which is developed for easy communication between employees of the of the organization who are located in different locations. Using this application admin can interact with multiple users at a time using this application. Using this intranet mailing application administrator can interact with projects leaders(…)

Supplier and Consumer Transaction System Project in Asp.Net

This Supplier and Consumer Transaction System application act as a bridge between supplier and product consumer using a remote server. This is an online transformation system in which users will manage their product details which are purchased by consumers. In order to remove middle persons in this system entire application is developed as web interface(…)

Franchise Management System Project in Asp.Net

To automate the process of transactions and managing different tasks related to franchise business between head office and franchise owners this software will be used. This works as a web application through which users from any location can access this application using web services. There are different modules for both franchise owner and who can(…)

Photo sharing Website Project in

Photo sharing website is a user-friendly application which will have features like uploading photos, sharing images with friends, sending invitations, viewing images using slide shows, Managing albums and send images for printing. Using this web interface user can easily upload photos and manage albums without restriction in size or space. PURPOSE OF THE PROJECT: Purpose(…)

Budget Planner for Organisations Ajax Asp.Net Project

This project budget Planner for organisations is specially developed for companies where there is large number of employees. This application provides options for companies to reduce manual work by automating the process of work. Employees can select different options available on the portal for submitting bills. These details are sent to concerned department and user(…)

Hotel Management and Administration System Project in Asp.Net

Hotel management and Administration system project is developed in and SQL server database. This application provides features to manage customers, room allocation, payment details ..etc. Project Overview: An easy to perform consumer friendly, economically priced software program that committed to meet all necessities to manage small, medium and massive scale inns. motel management machine is(…)

E-Students Consultancy Project in Asp.Net

E Student consultancy project is a web application for the business-oriented purpose.  Using this software application we can simplify testing process. In finding out students capability about their skills this tool will be useful. This application consists of the test process and their eligibility.  Users from any location can take test by registering with application(…)