Asp.Net Projects

Asp.Net is one of the mostly used software programming language by developers and students for developing projects and applications. In this category students can find latest collection of projects with source code , project ideas, documentation for projects and paper presentations.These projects are useful for computer science, cse, it, bca, mca final year students. Students can directly use these projects are academic projects.

Metro Card Issue and Recharge System

    Metro Card Issue and Recharge System is a software application to issue Metro cards and recharge the cards at metro stations for customers. This program have track of all the data relevant to customer and their cards, so the customer can get into any station to recharge the card. The database is centralized so(…)

Border Crossing Service System

Thousands of people cross the border of the country everyday. To track them all security agencies need powerful software. This project will serve the same purpose. Project This project is to track all the people to cross the border of the country via road route. Some countries have multiple points, people can come in point(…)

Antique Registration and Action Site Project

The project titled ‘Antique Registration And Action Site’ is aimed to provide options to user to register their antique items on this site, and also to provide an option to put them on action. The site is very useful for antique collectors as well as antique sellers. This antique company is engaged in this business(…)

Administration of Indian Embassies Across the World

INTRODUCTION: The project entitled Administration of Indian Embassies across the world is developed in using mysql database . This application is a management software which works on three tire architecture. PROJECT:         Administration of Indian Embassies across the world is software project for Ministry of External Affairs. This project will help the external affair(…)

Tidal Power Generation Company Administration Project

Tidal power uses tides as source or energy which generates hydropower which is a useful for generating electricity. Though this method of power generation is not widely used but this is one source for future generations.  Compare to wind energy and solar energy tidal energy is more predictable. There are problems in generating tidal power(…)

Port Trust Department Administration Project

        Port Trust Department Administration is an online website, to manage day to day operation of Port Trust Department. This online website based software will help the port trust department to manage its operations digitally, till now which are managed manually. There are many time bound operations are going on in the port(…)

Online Income Tax and Sales Tax Filing

PROJECT:         Online Income tax and Sales tax filing is a online software application which will be used by the people to file their income and sales tax. This application will help the people to file their forms online from their place so they don’t need to go to the corresponding office to file their(…)

Document Management System Project

 AIM The world is becoming complex day by day. As a company grows, the number of clients, projects and products increases. Hence there arises a need to maintain an organized way of documentation for every organization. It has become a necessity to have an efficient and easy to use document management system by which documents(…)

Knowledge Management System

PROJECT DESCRIPTION Knowledge Management  system allows you to define the knowledge framework in an efficient manner. This is done through the process of defining Projects, People, Designations, Departments and Special Interest Groups.  Confidentiality of the knowledge: A confidentiality level can be assigned to every document. The levels are defined as Confidential: The Confidential documents are(…)