Asp.Net Projects

Asp.Net is one of the mostly used software programming language by developers and students for developing projects and applications. In this category students can find latest collection of projects with source code , project ideas, documentation for projects and paper presentations.These projects are useful for computer science, cse, it, bca, mca final year students. Students can directly use these projects are academic projects.

Inventory Management System

 Inventory management system project application manages tasks for ware houses and handles stock management. There are different types of works like employee management, time management and goods management. Details of this projects is explained in this project report. Project Synopsis: For a manufacturing company there are few areas where software application plays important role mainly(…)

Sales and Rental System Project

Sales and Rental System project is a stand alone application which is useful for bca, mca, CSE,IT Students. This project is developed in using mysql database. Project Proposal: This software application is developed by considering existing issues in video rental shops which uses manual methods for managing customers information, billing details..etc. There is scope(…)

Online Job Portal Project

Online job portal project is a web based application designed in programming language.  This project is useful for mini or major project.  Project Synopsis: Online job portals are useful for helping users to search for jobs based on their skills and company requirements. This project consists of all features that are present in existing(…)

Image Steganography

Steganography is the concept used for providing security for users data. There are different types of stegnography methods but here are providing image stegonography related project.   Objective of this concept is to prevent dropping of data while information is passed from source to destination. This method will provide a best method to handle data. This(…)

Cab Booking System Project in Android

                                 Mobile app based cab booking system is fast growing business all over the world. There are many android based cab service apps which are working in different countries and providing service for users. This application helps users to easily(…)

Intranet Banking Project

AIM: The aim of Intranet Banking Project  in java was to explore new avenues in computing Like the distributed systems along with traditional concepts like OOPS and networking. SCOPE: This project aspires to be a simulation of sorts for a Network Bank in the near future.  If coupled with appropriate hardware this system can be turned into(…)

Friends Book Social Networking Project

 General Title is ‘Making new friends online and exchange the knowledge’   Specific Title is ‘Friends Book Social Networking Project ’ Our solution is a website application based on a database that will save all required data as we planed. Friends Book Social Networking Project Aims:   Make it easy and simple to make new friends from(…)

Gain Store Management System Project

Project Title : Giant Store Management system Project  is a web based application in This software will help to manage equipments in the store like inventory management.  Store Management System Project aim(s): Improve store management processes by control equipments in the store. Manage the Inventory Store in efficient and accurate way. Control and follow up(…)

E-Social Library Project

Specific title: E-social library Project in Asp.Net using SQL database.  General title: keep your favourites books and keep up with friends. Project aims: Because of the Internet is rapidly transforming the production, distribution, and consumption of knowledge and information Anyone has an account can upload, download and buy books online. Providing our visitors with free accounts to use(…)

Customer Support Project

Customer Support Project is developed in  this application provides customers who subscribe in telecoms services with: a follow-up, services and responses to their inquiries.  Project aims: Our main aim is to get rid of huge amount of paper and complaints which could be lost easily or take a long time to solve. provides new services(…)