Asp.Net Projects

Asp.Net is one of the mostly used software programming language by developers and students for developing projects and applications. In this category students can find latest collection of projects with source code , project ideas, documentation for projects and paper presentations.These projects are useful for computer science, cse, it, bca, mca final year students. Students can directly use these projects are academic projects.

Resilient Identity Crime Detection Project in Vb.Net

Resilient Identity Crime Detection Project in Vb.Net is useful for security agencies for detecting criminals on locations using image processing techniques.  Resilient Identity Crime Detection Project  Module Description:                  In the first phase, maximum numbers of face images are obtained either, as live images from CCD Camera, Web camera, Camcorder etc., or as stored images(…)

Distribution Management System Project in Java

Distribution Management System Project in java is developed for companies which works on distribution of products and communication with clients and distributes regularly. This software will computerize process of distribution where admin, client and distributor will update information. Distribution Management System modules Description: Description:-  * if Sales Employee forgets his/her password, he/she can get it(…)

Computer Virus Detection System Project

For the users of antivirus products who would like to know the simulation of an  antivirus the Virus Detection System Project is an application which shows the way of approaching a generic antivirus product. Unlike to some antivirus products which binds themselves to specific signatures of some particular viruses, this simulation provides a generic approach by(…)

Immigration Portal For Global Market Project

OCSC Global is a web based Immigration Portal For Global Market Project, which helps the immigration aspirants to get information regarding different types of visas for different countries. It provides the registered users with the application kits which include application process and application form for particular visa.             It provides the online services like providing(…)

Tours and Travels Management System Project Report

    Tours and Travels Management System Project ( in Asp.Net ) is a Website which is developed based on real life. It is very helpful in business applications. Today’s extremely exhausting work environment dictates that individuals requires some joyful holiday. The website will provides a stress-free joyful refreshing holidays with cost competitive and customized packages(…)

Friends Adda A Social Networking Site Project in Asp.Net

Friends Adda A Social Networking site project is a simple application which has basic features that we see in social networking sites like sending requests, uploading photos,photo gallery.                   What Social Networking Site Project will do?          Registration of the User A registered user can only able to access the site. An unregistered user won’t(…)

E Auction Project in Asp.Net

E Auction Project or Online Auction System is a web based e commerce website which is developed in Programming language. This application provides solution for selling and buying products through online using bidding process. E Auction Project Objective: OBJECTIVE OF THE PROJECT Main objectives of e auction project are explained below. E auction project(…)

Financial Planning Project

Financial Planning project is a based management software developed to manage expenses of organization and give brief overview on current income, expenditure, estimated assets and liabilities. Financial Planning Project Modules: The different functions in Financial Planning are as follows: 1.       Registration a.       User User gets registered by Administrator and User is termed as RM(…)

Client Server Application in Asp.Net

Client Server Application project is based on live meeting concept.  In order to provide a effective solution for organizations to communicate between employees who are located at different location  using a web application this system will be useful. This application is developed in programming language using sql server. Client Server Application Introduction: Communication is important(…)

Online Crime Reporting System Project

Project titled online crime reporting system project acts as a communication platform between public, police department and management team. This software is developed in programming language using sql sever. Project Abstract: With the increase of communication system and management applications in our day to day life and public service sector developing online crime reporting(…)