ECE Projects

Smart System for Detecting Speed and Notification

AIM: Main aim of smart system for detecting speed and notification system is to detecting fast moving vehicles speed which are crossing traffic rules and information to security persons to take action. PURPOSE: Purpose of this project is to develop an embedded hardware application with IR sensors to detect speed of vehicle and take security(…)

RFID based Library Management System

AIM: Main objective of this application is to design a RFID based library management system for storing list of available books and updating issued book details. PURPOSE: In this embedded application we will use RFID tags which are like cards used for issuing books to users in library.     BLOCKDIAGRAM: DESCRIPTION: In this application(…)

Auto Control and Monitor Electrical Systems Using Bluetooth

AIM: Main objective of this auto control and monitor of electrical systems using Bluetooth is a embedded based project which is used for controlling fans, bulbs, motors from short remote distance using Bluetooth. PURPOSE: This embedded based application can manage any type of electrical applications like bulb, fan, motors..etc. and their parameters without any loss(…)

Micro Controller Based Digital Code Lock ECE Mini Project

In this Micro Controller Based Digital Code Lock ECE Mini Project ,a Real Time Clock is used, which incorporates a 2-wire serial interface I2C protocol, which can be controlled using an 8051-compatible microcontroller.A real-time clock (RTC) is a battery-powered clock that is included in a microchip having a numerous capabilities. Clock calander shows detailed information based(…)

Project Report on Automatic Weather Control Of Car A/C

In India, most of the low budget cars are not equipped with prominent technologies. Our motivation is to implement one such technology named ‘AUTOMATIC WEATHER CONTROL IN CAR A/C’ at a very low budget such that it could be afforded by all class of people. This technology is available only in class A and class(…)