Embedded Systems

Prepaid Water Billing for Water Supply System

AIM: Aim of prepaid water billing for water supply system is to design an automated system through which user can recharge prepaid amount for water supply .Based on amount recharged user will get water. PURPOSE: Purpose of this project is to provide a easy way of buying water with prepaid recharge which can help water(…)

RFID Based Bank Locker System

AIM: Main objective of RFID based bank locker system is to provide a effective method of handling bank lockers and provide security using Electronic cards.  PURPOSE: Purpose of this project is to improve security for users in handling there bank lockers with new type of locking technology using RFID. LOCKER SECTION:   DESCRIPTION: In present(…)

Token Verification System for Metro Trains

AIM: Main objective of token verification system for metro trains is to provide automatic ticket verification at metro entrance to open and close door using RFID technology.        PURPOSE: Purpose of this system is to remove manual method of ticket verification and introduce automatic door open and close system by verifying user ticket(…)

Smart Card Based Anti-Rigging Voting System

AIM: Aim of smart card based anti-rigging voting system is to develop a secured way of voting for users without any intermediate modifications and provide a safe way of voting during elections. PURPOSE: Main purpose of this application is to use smart card based technology in voting machines and provide secured way of voting without(…)

Secure Remote Operated Vehicle Using RFID

AIM: Main objective of secure remote operated vehicle using RFID is to operate vehicle using remote and provide secure authentication system using RFID tag to know person give option to access. PURPOSE: The purpose of this application is to develop a remote controlled vehicle used in defense systems to save human lives to dispose bombs(…)

Smart Card based Home Appliances Control System

Aim of this Smart card based home appliances control system project is to develop a embedded application using smart card technology to control any type of home appliances like fan, ac ..etc. PURPOSE: Purpose of this project is to provide a new method of controlling home appliances like fan, ac, washing machine..etc using a smart(…)

RFID based RC booking and Driving License Verification System

AIM: This project RFID based RC booking and driving license verification system is embedded based hardware application which uses tags to verify information of vehicle and display on screen.  PURPOSE: Main purpose of this system is to develop a prototype to provide solution for detecting vehicles license and verification on go.  This system uses RFID(…)

Timing Based Automatic Street Light Controlling System

AIM: Aim of time based automatic street light controlling system is to provide solution for power saving where street lights are switched on and off based on lighting and timings. PURPOSE: Our purpose of developing this project is to use RTC and LDR technologies integrated with microcontroller and take decision without interference of human beings(…)

Food Ordering System for Audience in Theaters

AIM:                 Main aim of food ordering system for audience in theatres using embedded system is a project which can help audience in theatres to know about food and order food without going out from place. PURPOSE: In existing method audience in theatres need to visit food court and know about foods and stand in line(…)