Java Projects

Java is a object oriented language which is used for developing stand alone and web applications. Java is used for developing simple and complicated projects.
Here we provide collection of management projects, stand alone applications with full source code, project report and documentation for free download.

Students and Staff Automation System Project

Project introduction: Student and staff automation system project is database management software with front end data updating using java html pages. Application is developed for colleges and schools for handling data of students and staff in a single database. Admin will upload details of student and queries for new course details. Admin can update, delete(…)

Online Chatting System With Displaying Chat History

Online chatting system with display chat history application works on wired networks like LAN. This chat application has option to chat with different regional languages. Chat application works for multiple users but each user must register with application .After login user can enter in to group for chat. After register and login part is done(…)

Online Blood Donor Organisation System Project

Project titled Online blood donor organisation system project is a web portal which will act as medium between blood donors and blood consumer.  This application will have modules for different users who need to register with application and update their information and donate blood to organisation and those details are updated to database. Users who(…)

Project on Network Congestion Control

Network congestion control protocol project comes under networking project  which explains about how to control congestion in a end to end network which was not possible by existing methods. In a network scalability and robustness are analysed to calculate internet congestion control. With existing protocols there are issues like packet collapse, unfairness and unresponsive to(…)

Secured Proxy Server in a Network Project

Secured proxy server in a network project is  developed for companies where employees will access data from same source . proxy server will manage most of the data which can be accessed securely and reduce risks of attacks.    Explanation of Modules Interaction: In this project both the modules Caching and Filtering are invoked by(…)

Network Layer Simulation System Project

Project titled Network layer simulation system is a network demo oriented project which will display different types of network protocols and their working with different protocols at each level in OSI layer is shown. Network Layer Simulation System Project Project Introduction:  OSI model is common for any type of network related communication either it is(…)

Server Load Sharing Simulation Project

For implementing Server Load Sharing Simulation project we need socket programming for which java is the best option for peer to peer communication. Other reason for using java is we are using proactive routing , dynamic routing . Java works as platform independent and covers all network concepts. MS Access is used a database.  (…)

Digital Image Enhancement Project

Digital image enhancement project is part of Digital image processing which will process given images using different filter methods.  There are various filter available like high boost filter, mean filter, median filter, max filter, min filter, rank filter and there are high pass and low pass options are available for user. Most of the images(…)

Java Graphical User Interface

Project titled java graphical user interface is a GUI which will have all features of existing GUIs . This is developed on open source standards and works on cross platforms. Features overview: File Menu New Gives you a new Gart project. If you have a Gart project already open, you will be prompted if you(…)

Work Scheduling and Planning Project

Financial companies need a effective application like work scheduling and planning related web applications which can schedule , monitor employee and generate reports and submit reports to head office and computerise work process.  Work scheduling introduction:  Scheduling and work force management software are developed to computerise process of scheduling. This application can manage employee leaves,(…)