Java Projects

Java is a object oriented language which is used for developing stand alone and web applications. Java is used for developing simple and complicated projects.
Here we provide collection of management projects, stand alone applications with full source code, project report and documentation for free download.

Reducing Node Energy Consumption Using Energy Maps Java Project

Comparing network flow data in the mobile network is unpredictable while looking at nodes level and overall user end level. At node level quality of service cannot be predictable whereas overall quality of service after reaching end user it is stationary. In this project using energy maps to reduce energy consumption levels. Algorithm Description: In(…)

Allocating Resources In wireless Network Using OFDM

In any network communication system, QOS of service is a important factor where packets should be managed efficiently in order to increase throughput and satisfy the quality of service Resource allocation algorithms are developed in this project we use OFDMA which supports Real-time and best services at a same time in a wireless communication channel.(…)

Text Editor Project in Java

Text editor application gives an overview about how to design a simple text editor in java. Using this editor user can edit, modify, create a new text document and perform other operations. Text editor is a basic textual content editor that you could use to create easy files. The maximum not unusual use for jtext(…)

Fault Tolerant Algorithm for Network Error Control Java Project

In a cellular network channel allocation is a important task which must use the limited available channel and with limited errors. In order to Improve efficiency fault-tolerant algorithms are developed. This project explains about error control system in the network. A channel allocation algorithm in a mobile network includes elements: a channel acquisition set of(…)

Load Balancing Using Two Node Distribution System Project in Java

Load Balancing concept is used in networking for balancing incoming and outgoing packets within available network bandwidth so that users can receive packets without delay. For load balancing, we are using two node distribution system. The method considers the heterogeneity in the processing prices of the nodes in addition to the randomness in the delays imposed by way(…)

BPCS in Steganography Java Project

The steganogrpahy concept is useful for hiding data inside image or video for speech based on requirement. There are many techniques in steganography in this project BPCS in Steganography is used. Steganography is a way to hide mystery information in a few different information (we call it a vessel) without leaving any apparent proof of(…)

Packet Flow Control Using NBP Algorithm Java Project

In present Networking System, congestion control has a lot of scope for developing new algorithms and increase efficiency. In order to provide an effective method, this project is designed with Packet Flow Control Using NBP Algorithm. The net’s brilliant scalability and robustness bring about the part from the end-to-stop nature of internet congestion control. End-to-give(…)

RMI Methods Implementation using Sockets Project

RMI methods implementation using sockets and network programming is shown in this project. Using this application we can analyze packet transmission time for sending and receiving and other parameters like latency. With the proliferation of the net and network services, there may be an abundance of disbursed applications along with e-trade and other web-based applications(…)

Image Enhancement Techniques Project

Image Enhancement Techniques project is an image processing related application which will remove unwanted information like noise improve contrast and highlight which is most important features in the image and show only useful information. This project is developed in Java programming language. Here we integrated specific enhancement methods which might be dealt by means of(…)

Multi Threading Concept in Sockets Project

Multi threading Concept in Sockets Project covers coding on how to use threading concept in sockets while transmitting data from source to destination. This project is developed in java using networking concepts. This article is set a consumer/server multi-threaded socket class.The thread is non-obligatory since the developer is still accountable to decide if desires it.(…)