Java Projects

Java is a object oriented language which is used for developing stand alone and web applications. Java is used for developing simple and complicated projects.
Here we provide collection of management projects, stand alone applications with full source code, project report and documentation for free download.

Company and Dealers Communication System

Company and Dealers Communication System application is for fulfilling the different requirements of the management and dealers and clients for an organization. With this application client should be in a position to do the following things: Obtain General information about the Company. Login into the DCMS. Select a product and place an order. Provide Feedback(…)

Telecom Services Information System

Telecom service information system project is accessible to users and employees for knowing about telecom services that are provided by service providers. Users can know about different services provided by service providers with call costs, packages. This application is useful for providing service to user in a better way. Project Objective: This web portal is(…)

E Medical Store Project

E medical store project is developed for a company for selling medicines and health care products through online portal. Main objective of this application is to provide 24 hrs service for users to buy products. Business Impacts: Using this web portal users can save time mainly employees working in company.  It provides convenient and efficient(…)

Bidding and Auction Management System

Bidding and auction management system application covers features of selling products through online based on bidding process. Events Description: Before an auction: Example: Bid increment amount – Rs. 20 Lets say the starting price is Re.1 Current highest bid is Rs. 21 Now in order to bid: -You can bid at anywhere above or equal(…)

Systems Allocation And Complaint Management System

This application systems allocation and complaint management system is useful for organizations to manage allocation of any type of hardware to employees and take complaints related to hardware.   Construction Phase  The system is started up with the display of the home page, where the screen displays three options: System Maintenance, System Complaints and Stock.(…)

Web Based Clinic Management System

Project on web based clinic management system in java is a online processing method for hospitals, patients and doctors to reduce manual work and save time in the process of treatment. This application will cover doctor appointment, insurance claiming, reports view, and drug store. User case diagram Explanation: Use case details of administrator: Use case(…)

Network Complaints Management System

Project on network complaints management system is a web portal for organization which helps employees and network administrator to solve any issues in LAN or network in short time.  This application consists of admin, user. User will have user id and password who can upload issues to portal which can be viewed by admin and(…)

Online Voting and Counting System Project

Project on online voting and counting system is a government and citizen interrelated project which will help citizens to vote through a online web portal.  This process will automate voting process where users from any location and view results.  This application will handle information flow at different levels in a secured manner. Main problem in(…)

Online Shopping Project in JSP

This project is a Portal  “Online Shopping”. Online Shopping is being developed in java. This site is mainly an organization site. This site maintains information about all the products and the user can place the order online.  The project has been developed in JSP, EJB, and JNDI on J2EE platform with Windows 2000 Server as(…)

E Retail Services Project

Project on E retail services project is a online shopping related website for selling and purchasing products through online. Using this web application users from any location can purchase any type of product. Introduction: Retailing is the process of purchasing and selling products through different mediums based on demand supply is provided to users.  To(…)