Java Projects

Java is a object oriented language which is used for developing stand alone and web applications. Java is used for developing simple and complicated projects.
Here we provide collection of management projects, stand alone applications with full source code, project report and documentation for free download.

Online Examination System for Employee Selection

Project on online examination system for employee selection is developed for software companies to take online exams for employees which are part of requirement. This system is useful for conducting recruitment process in short time and easy to evaluate employee knowledge. Project Introduction: Online test based applications are used in different areas to test knowledge(…)

Project on Bluetooth Technology

Aim: The main aim of the project is to enhance the Bluetooth networking by reducing the existing complexity and to increase the portability. Scope: The project has scope sharing information in Business organizations Industries Hospitals Educational institution Offices etc Introduction: Bluetooth is not a new technology for this world but the main constraint is its (…)

Loan Monitoring System

Loan monitoring system or loan management system is a web portal for companies and banks to manage client’s loan information and update details to users .This application will cover loan types, agents information, customer details, types of loans, issued loans. Application Design USERS:  The major functionality of this project is divided into four categories. 1.(…)

Indian Matrimonial website Project

Project in matrimonial website is a web portal for indian users with new features for finding human resource for marriage.  This application provides option for users to choose pujaris, photographers, book function halls. User who wants to find match for marriage can register with application and provide required details which are required for selection process.(…)

Packet Analyzer Project

Project on packet analyzer covers details about how to develop a network packet sniffer . This is a simple software application which can monitor packet flow in a network. Normally we can track packets which are received from source but using this tool we can track each packet in our network and unpack packet and(…)

Online Portal for Selling and Purchasing

Project on selling and purchasing is similar like online shopping website but there most of the business dealers and supplier will only communicate and purchase through online. Introduction: With the advancement of web portals and sales through online new business ideas are emerging in each field. For every business there are three main sections persons(…)

Dealer Supplier Management System

Project on dealer supplier management system is a web portal which is useful for manufacturing companies for handling stock and sales. Analysis of each Use Case  Logging into the System: The User (either the Staff, or the Dealer or the Supplier) logs into the System by entering their Usernames & Passwords. The Usernames & Passwords(…)

Distribution System for Food Security

The Distribution System for Food Security Project itself is a web Based module.  So this software module is having better scope of implementation in all the ways. The clients need not bother to send the monthly, quarterly, half yearly and yearly returns in time.  As soon as the person enters the data all the returns(…)

Advertising Campaign Management System

Project on advertising campaign management system is a proposed effective method for advertising companies to create a user friend interface between customers and employees and also communication between inter organisation. Introduction: Advertising is important for any company to sell products to customers. There are many ways of advertising like television advertising, mobile marketing, online advertising(…)

Employee Hospital Bill Calming System

Project on employee hospital bill claiming system is a web portal which is managed by corporate hospitals to update information of treatment , medicine, tests and room costs ..etc. These details can be further used for generating reports and applying for insurance. Introduction: As per the government rules companies should provide medical insurance to each(…)