Java Projects

Java is a object oriented language which is used for developing stand alone and web applications. Java is used for developing simple and complicated projects.
Here we provide collection of management projects, stand alone applications with full source code, project report and documentation for free download.

Online Voting and Counting System Project

Project on online voting and counting system is a government and citizen interrelated project which will help citizens to vote through a online web portal.  This process will automate voting process where users from any location and view results.  This application will handle information flow at different levels in a secured manner. Main problem in(…)

Online Shopping Project in JSP

This project is a Portal  “Online Shopping”. Online Shopping is being developed in java. This site is mainly an organization site. This site maintains information about all the products and the user can place the order online.  The project has been developed in JSP, EJB, and JNDI on J2EE platform with Windows 2000 Server as(…)

E Retail Services Project

Project on E retail services project is a online shopping related website for selling and purchasing products through online. Using this web application users from any location can purchase any type of product. Introduction: Retailing is the process of purchasing and selling products through different mediums based on demand supply is provided to users.  To(…)

University Frequently Asked Questions Project

Project on university frequently asked questions is a web portal useful for colleges to help students in preparing examination in a better way and help students to communicate with professors for any queries when required.   Introduction: There are many top universities which are using latest technologies to help students in different possible ways.  There are(…)

E insurance Management system

E insurance management system is a online service related project for insurance companies to reach users and give support in a best way with minimum manual work. This application can be used for providing support for insurance related queries like application form filling by online, submitting required information through online and updating new features through(…)

Computerised Order Management System

The computerised order management system is a web portal for water Purifier Company where they can take orders and provide online customer support. This application will provide these features. Providing  customers  to  place  order  for  water purifier  through  online. Providing  dealers  the  order status  of  customers  in  their  area and  also  to  place  order  through (…)

Online Video Rental Shop Project

Online video rental shop project is e shopping portal for purchasing or getting movie cd or any type of video cd through online on rental basis. This web portal is useful for users to get original movies and videos cd on low cost.  There are many offline stores where we can rent cd but there(…)

Revenue Collection System Project

Project on revenue collection system project is a management software for government revenue department for managing monthly collections from various government departments like stamp duty collection, space rental collection.. etc. This is useful for easily analysing monthly payments and pending payments and generating reports. Introduction: Government collects tax from citizens and departments for generating revenue.(…)

Online Pension Assistance System

Project on online pension assistance system is a web portal for employees who can communicate with higher officials of company and pension management team to clarify queries through online. Introduction: Employees who are working in any company will get pension after retirement. There is process for applying pension and in this state employee should submit(…)

Pesticide Company and Dealer Management System

Project on pesticide company and dealer management system is a management software which is  a web portal. This application is developed to reduce communication gap between company and dealers. Web portal will have admin and dealer modules through which details of products can purchase can be done. Introduction: Pesticides are useful for every farmer which(…)