Java Projects

Java is a object oriented language which is used for developing stand alone and web applications. Java is used for developing simple and complicated projects.
Here we provide collection of management projects, stand alone applications with full source code, project report and documentation for free download.

Simulation for Moving Trains Project

Simulation for moving train project is a java application which shows how train controlling system works like control speed, time gap , two way direction train control. Modules:  This system is aimed to give a better out look to the user interfaces and to implement concurrent train simulations like:  1) a)   Auxiliary Counter. b)   Track(…)

Government Hospital Management System

This project government hospital management system is developed for specific hospital for computerising process of doctor management, patient management, rooms management. This web portal will cover other features like blood bank management, events management, employee management and information of donors. Introduction: Hospital information system comes under health care category which mainly deals with managing administration(…)

Project on ATM Banking System

Project on ATM Banking system is a banking website which is used for doing transations using ATM Cards. This project is developed in java. Project Functionality :  The major functions are divided into two categories Administrative functions User interface functions Administrative Function These are the functions that are taken care of at the bank side(…)

Employee and Sales Management System

Project titled employee and sales management system project useful for small companies which work on product sales and purchases. When products are sold to users we need to generate pay slip and help users to view services along with these we can manage employee salary and we can also manage tax related information on products(…)

Online Purchase Project In Java

This software online purchase project is a online shopping related project which is useful for purchasing products through online. There are many applications like flip cart and amazon which works on same business idea. This application will demonstrate how online purchase systems are developed with category wise arranging products, adding product to cart and paying(…)

School Management System

School management system project  is  a multi user with user friendly graphical user interface. Main objective of this application is to provide a software application for schools to manage each students fees, accounts, attendance, time table and teachers salary management ..etc. Introduction:  School management is also called as SIMS is used in most of the(…)

College Student Q&A System with Administration

College question and answer system with admin is a query handling system for college students and administration where students can question any type of queries related to administration and different departments. Project Introduction: Colleges need a effective method for communicating with students for solving simple problems related to fees, exam dates, certificate issuing..etc. Away from(…)

Citizen Identification System Project

This project citizen identification system gives details of citizen who is location in any part of the country. Each citizen is provided with unique ID , this id is used to trace out details of that person where he is located and work ..etc. In order to avail benefits of any schemes given by government(…)

Software Project Competition Management System

To develop a web portal for software project competition management system is a good idea for bringing all students and mentors from different locations to work on single place using a single platform . This application is mostly useful for students who participate in software development competitions. Introduction: Most of the countries use competition as(…)

Project On Comparing Circuit And Switching Methods

Introduction between packet and circuit switching: In any network there are two method which are mainly used for switching ( circuit switching and packet switching ) . There is lot of discussion about how resources are shared between these two methods. Circuit switching: In this method concept of reservation is used which will allocate certain(…)