Java Projects

Java is a object oriented language which is used for developing stand alone and web applications. Java is used for developing simple and complicated projects.
Here we provide collection of management projects, stand alone applications with full source code, project report and documentation for free download.

Schemes Project in Java

Schemes project is a portal for displaying approved schemes by government which can be viewed by any user and know about each scheme. These schemes will cover all centre and local government of different levels. Using these portal citizens can’t track status of each application and contact respective person for approval.  Project Purpose: Government will(…)

Sales information System

Sales information system project is a java web application which is developed for cement factory to manage stock and sales reports. This application will save time in analysing sales. The functionalities included in the Sales Information System 1. Order Fulfilment Process: Orders will be taken by Sales representatives from Stockiest /Customer in their corresponding districts(…)

Performance Management System

Performance Management System Project tells about Maintains of each and every employee details of a software organization. Especially this is all about how the Company maintains the details of all employees from scratch level to end level.  PURPOSE OF THE PROJECT  It is internal project of a software company developed for the sake of HR(…)

Project on Transport Management System In Java

Transport management system for Multinational companies is explained here which is developed in java. Main objective is to provide a software web portal which can allow employee, admin and vehicle owner to update and know information about routes and stations with timings.  Introduction:  Multinational companies works on 24/7 timings mostly employee works on shift bases(…)

108 Call Center Management System

108 call center management system is a web portal for health emergency services which is useful for managing patients, staff and ambulance services in a efficient way. This application provides option for online report generation for each patient based on date. Records are displayed on excel sheet.  Introduction: 108 services are provided by government with(…)

Software Project Management System

Software project management system is a process of assigning approved project to team members and dividing work to different employees under team and analysing day to day works and updating to higher authority. Introduction: In the process of software developing life cycle there are different stages of work from getting work, scheduling cost and resources,(…)

Project Cost Estimation Tool

Project cost estimation tool project is developed to provide a best tool to estimate accurate cost for new project. This application will work on single variable model, COCOMO81 model, basic model, intermediate model and detailed model, COCOMO11, Application composition model, early design model, post architecture model. Project introduction:  Software companies works on various stages of(…)

Online Sports Booking System

Online sports booking system project is developed for an organization which manages sports ground booking based on timings and location.  Using these web site users from any location in city can know about availability of slots and type of events with location and book slot by paying through online. Introduction: In every city there are(…)

E Governance portal For Schemes

E Governance portal For Schemes project is a web application which provides source or citizens to know about schemes government is providing under different category. Users can get more information and apply for scheme using this portal . Introduction: Government of every country are maintaining web portal like for in india we have where(…)

Internet Bot Project

Internet Bot project is a crawler which can help users to search required information in short time by searching records in database. Main task of crawler is to update data to database based on categories and provide results using data mining search techniques. Introduction: Web indexing is a important task for web crawler to update(…)