Java Projects

Java is a object oriented language which is used for developing stand alone and web applications. Java is used for developing simple and complicated projects.
Here we provide collection of management projects, stand alone applications with full source code, project report and documentation for free download.

Distribution System for Food Security

The Distribution System for Food Security Project itself is a web Based module.  So this software module is having better scope of implementation in all the ways. The clients need not bother to send the monthly, quarterly, half yearly and yearly returns in time.  As soon as the person enters the data all the returns(…)

Advertising Campaign Management System

Project on advertising campaign management system is a proposed effective method for advertising companies to create a user friend interface between customers and employees and also communication between inter organisation. Introduction: Advertising is important for any company to sell products to customers. There are many ways of advertising like television advertising, mobile marketing, online advertising(…)

Employee Hospital Bill Calming System

Project on employee hospital bill claiming system is a web portal which is managed by corporate hospitals to update information of treatment , medicine, tests and room costs ..etc. These details can be further used for generating reports and applying for insurance. Introduction: As per the government rules companies should provide medical insurance to each(…)

Elections Management System

Project on elections management is a web portal which will provide solution for election commission for managing election candidates and party related information with election management. Introduction: India is one of the biggest democracy countries which has many states and central elections to be taken place in every year. In order to manage candidates and(…)

Graphical Chat Application

Project on graphical chat is a new way of chatting which will enhance user experience in terms of conveying information to other users. Introduction: Chatting is the way of communication which works on socket programming and networking concepts. Using chatting users form one location can interact with other person form any other location and chat(…)

Furnish Management System

Furnish management system also called as supply or distributed management system is a communication medium between supplier and distributor for purchasing products in bulk. In this application supplier will update data to web portal with his account details whereas distributor will look after available stock and place order. Introduction: Supply chain management is a tool(…)

Auto Address Book Filling From Social Networks

Project on auto address book filling from social network is a web application which is useful for easy maintenance of contact information of users who are part of friends in social networking. This application will fill details of users who are part of email list and check availability of web presence. Scope: Main scope of(…)

Project on Modifying Web Components in Java

The basic aim of this project is to honor the software engineering principle that “Never disturb any code that is working well, instead extend the code to give it new functionality”. For example, there is a servlet, which is working well and delivering some amount of uncompressed data to the requesting client. The people who(…)

Enterprise Advertise Planning Project

Enterprise Advertise Planning Project deals with companies to provide solution for advertising web sites, and take help of crew members to get solution for problems. Modules:            Admin module: Admin modules cover functionalities related to manage the tool like user creation, sending invitations to user referrals, composing & sending messages to(…)

Conference Chat Project

Project on conference chat is a networking based application which works on tci ip protocol using socket programming. This is developed for a government organisation for establishing a better communication between employees who are working in organisation.  Introduction: Online conference chat is a type of communication system which works on internet by which users can(…)