MBA Projects

Employee Motivation Latest MBA Project Report

Employee Motivation project was undertaken to find out what motivated employees the most and how it was correlated to their respective age and experience. For this purpose a questionnaire was formulated and administered to the employees. The results will help the management in knowing what motivated employees the most so that they can concentrate on(…)

Mba Marketing Academic Projects

For MBA students marketing is the important subject for doing final year academic project. Here students can find latest collection of MBA marketing academic projects with full project report.  Projects listed here consists of marketing, finance, HR management ..etc topics which are part of final year projects submitted by students from different colleges.  MBA Marketing(…)

Mba Finance Projects Topics

Mba students can find latest collection of projects under mba finance project topics.  Masters of business projects listed in this website are submitted by mba students who had done this project for college purpose. Students can request for project topics and get support.  There are projects like mutual funds, stock market, banking , shares..etc with(…)

Capital Structure MBA Project Report

A study of the capital structure involves an examination of long term as well as short term sources that a company taps in order to meet its requirements of finance. The scope of the study is confined to the sources that Ultra tech cements tapped over the years under study i.e. 2007-2011.  Objectives Capital Structure(…)

Mba Project Report on Branding

     The basic need of the Mba Project on Branding is to understand the service of BHARTI AIRTEL LIMITED products and identify what are the gaps in service. The idea behind the projects is to identify what is the brand and service range of BHARTI AIRTEL LIMITED products in Hyderabad market.        (…)

MBA Project Report on Customer Perception Hundai

 The basic need of this project is to know the” Customer PERCEPTION” amongst the respondents, with regard to HYUNDAI Motors services and its products.  Scope of the study  The scope is very limited because attitude of the people change according to the time. The study is restricted to both Hyderabad and Ranga Reddy Dist and that to among 100(…)

Mba Project Report on Funds Flow Statement

Mba Project on Funds Flow Statement Overview: Financial analysis consists of ratio analysis and funds flow analysis.  To know funds flow from one to one, as the time available is very limited and the subjects are very vast, the study is continued to overall financial condition of a firm.  This study is to know working(…)

MBA Project Report on Job Satisfaction of Employees

MBA Project Report on Job Satisfaction of Employees Overview: Using the calculated Simple percentage values for the variables, the level of satisfaction of the employees in the organization can be known. The level of satisfaction can be broadly classified into five groups. They are from 100 – 80% can be regarded as Highly Satisfied,  79(…)

Mba Project Report on Organizational Study

Mba Project Report on Organizational Study Conclusion: Communication is the lifeblood of business. It is a process of passing information and understanding from one person to another. It may be broadly defined as the process of meaningful interaction among human beings. It is something so simple and difficult that we can never put in simple(…)