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Clinical Vista Project in PHP

It is a website which shows and helps you to collect most of the information about Hospitality and Medical Services. This site will be done using PHP 5 and MySQL 5. It can use by the public to view the list of doctors available in their cities and take appointments of doctors with the help(…)

Online Bus Ticket Reservation System Project

 Online bus ticket Reservation system project is a management software useful for booking tickets. Using this application user can search for best available buses and compare cost and book tickets using different payment procedures. This application is developed in php using mysql database.    Project abstract: Main objective of this software application is to design(…)

Online Job Search Portal Project

Online job Search portal is a web based application developed in php. This website covers concepts of job postings, resume uploads, job providers module. Detailed explanation of modules and functionality is explained below. Project Description: In present trend searching for a job and vacancies based on the job seekers requirements had became easy process. There(…)

PHP Online Examination System

Online examination system project is developed in php programming language. Main objective is to conduct exams for college students through online which will reduce manual work, usage of paper and results are fast. Project Modules: Admin, student, results, are main modules in this application. Admin Module: Admin is the primary user of this application he(…)

Online Recruitment System Project

Online recruitment system project report is useful for computer science students for developing this project as final year project.  This project is developed in php using mysql database.   Project Abstract:  Main objective of job recruitment system is to develop a mediator between employees and organizations  and remove middle man concept. At present these web applications(…)

Ordering and Payment System Project in PHP

The proposed Ordering and Payment System Project in PHP will provide the business with an online ordering and payment system for the business as compared to the present manual system. This would help eradicate the errors encountered in the transmission of an inaccurate inventory information throughout the organization. It will provide the business owners with a(…)

Technical Online Discussion Forum Project

The Technical Online Discussion Forum Project(TDS) in PHP is a discussion forum that gives information about various programming languages, general knowledge related questions, information related to,,Php,Os related questions ,etc. Online Discussion Forum Overview: This forum is useful for the beginners to get information related to various topics. There is a centralized database in which(…)

Online Mobile Store Project in PHP

Project  titled Online mobile store project is a PHP based project which has all features of existing online mobile shopping websites.  This application is developed as education project for computer science and MCA students. Mobile shop application will give detailed explanation about project design, PHP source code and SQL database details. Project Overview: With the(…)

Online Auction System Project in PHP

Online Auction System Project is a website which is developed in php for helping users to sell products through online and fix rates based on auction procedure. This website is also useful for posting classifies under different category.       Project Overview: In present fast growing information technology and software world web application are playing important role in(…)

Dynamic Website Project

 Dynamic Website Project Introduction: As users of web we mostly have done getting information online, online admission in our daily routines and many other works have been done in short time on internet or through web. It was our great desire to develop a dynamic website for organization of our own, which will solve the(…)