Project Report

Hotel Management System Project Report

This program entitled “ Hotel Management System Project ” is a minor group work of BCA IVth semester students. It is a small software package which is helpful in the areas of Hotel. This program package includes all the activities in which the hotel is managed. The activities like customer room reservation, the user management, the inventory(…)

Online Tours and Travels Project Report

Online Tours and Travels Project website based on the e-commerce. E-commerce means electronic commerce is generally considered to be the booking aspect of e-business. It also consists of the exchange of data to facilitate the financing and hand to hand payment aspects of business transactions. Online Tour & Travels will work to booking its services and(…)

Institute Management System Project Report

The Institute Management System Project website is also very useful because the student don’t have to read notice board,he can easily view all info. Like result via this website.To make this website work successfully we have used some latest technology such as PHP as the Development Platform, PHP frame work as the development and MYSQL(…)

Determining Item Parameters for Developing Better Testing Systems

Determining Item Parameters for Developing Better Testing Systems Abstract: Modern day university entrance examinations witness large scale participations, all competing for comparatively very low number of seats. Such a tough scenario not only enforces a lot of pressure to the students but also sets challenges for the paper setters. The aim is to come up with a set of questions (items)(…)

Distributed Access Control System Project Report

In Distributed Access Control System Project Report we present a decentralized access control system based on authorization certificates. The system is designed to be scalable,provide high availability and overcome the problem of SPOF (Single Point of Failure) that is characteristic of a centralized access control system. We also describe a method to decentralize the Certificate Store. The system is designed to provide the(…)

Improving The Student Evaluation By Predicting Student Preferences

Improving The Student Evaluation By Predicting Student Preferences Project Abstract: While preparing oneself for an examination, it is always helpful if one could get an estimate of the topic-wise toughness in his/her course of study. Such an estimate would enable to plan the strategy of preparations to maximize the performance for an examination. One can decide upon what(…)

Studying Crime Incidents for Safety Analysis Project Report

Studying Crime Incidents for Safety Analysis Project Abstract: San Francisco State Government has revealed all the crime incidents of the past ten years of San Francisco. Broadly, the data contained information in the form of dates of the incidents, the type of the crime and the exact location of the incident reported. We wish to analyse the correlation in the(…)

Online Project Management System Project Report

We are developing an experimental project management expert system named Online-Project Management System Project or Project Portal, here in this project we are identifying the users and the tasks to be done by each user. Effective management and technical support are required for the success of this project.     Here we are explaining about(…)

Online Project Management System Database Design

Online project management System Project is an automation tool which provides an effective solution to reduce manual work of the projects in any educational organization. This tool enhances the efficiency and also saves a lot of time for faculty, teams. Initially, faculty and the teams has to register for utilizing various services included in this(…)