Vb.Net Projects

Visual basic programming language is a mostly used by software developers who are interested in developing web applications. In this category we provide latest collection of software projects developed in this platform.
Students can download project reports, project documentation, data base, flow chart, uml diagram.

Yellow Pages Administration System

The project entitled  is to manage the all type of business and service company details. This software will be used to list all the companies under different categories, when customer asked for particular information it can searched very easily and same will be given to the customer.  PROJECT:         Yellow Pages Administration system is Visual(…)

Shoppers Card Value Added Program A Real Time Project

Shoppers Card Value Added Program project is designed and developed for an established organization who are into e-commerce value added service facility provider for their customers. The main objective of the project : The main objective of the project is to provide online service to the customers to track their transactions, and their earnings. Project Details(…)

Passing Secure Information To Client Using Stenography Project

PROJECT:         Passing secure information to client using stenography Project is a software application to send the secure date to the client. This program also provided with many option to track when information is sent, who sent that information, to whom the information is sent etc., It is secure application program to manage data sending to(…)

Metro Train Administration Project

        Metro Train Administration is a software application maintain all the day to day activity of the Metro Train Management activities. This software mainly help to issue the tickets, passes and different type of travel enabled cards to the passengers. Apart from this, this software also help the management to list the train(…)

Food Court Billing System Project

Introduction Food Court Billing System  or Hotel Cash Counter Billing software is general software developed for Hotels. This software help them to do billing and take the reports Scope As this is generic software it can be used by a wide variety of outlets (Retailers and Wholesalers) to automate the process of manually maintaining the records(…)

Cricket Database Management System Project

Description : The objective of Cricket Database Management System project is to provide the complete information of the National and International Cricket statistics. The information is available Country wise, and Player wise. The project have following Master Screens. Country Player Details Team Members Matches By entering the data of the each match. We can get all(…)

Ad Agency Administration Project

Introduction Advertise Agency Administration software is prepared for leading ad agency company. This company is a leading company in the city who taking many assignment from many customers. Company is hiring different people for different projects on timely basis based on the different projects. Objectives The main objective of Ad Agency Administration software is to digitalize(…)

Branch Wise Electricity Billing And Managing

Introduction Electricity is the very much required service on every day basis, Govt, through its servicing body providing this service to the people. The distribution to the end user and billing is a very complicated issues. There are many factor are involved in the billing system. If some thing goes wrong it is very difficult(…)

Human Resource Management System Project in Vb.net

 Management application is designed to handle employees details in a company. Human resource management application is used in software companies. Vb.net is used to design this application. Project synopsis: This application is useful for organizations where there is need to manage large number of employees and other types of tasks. Most of the multinational companies(…)