Vb.Net Projects

Visual basic programming language is a mostly used by software developers who are interested in developing web applications. In this category we provide latest collection of software projects developed in this platform.
Students can download project reports, project documentation, data base, flow chart, uml diagram.

Manufacturing Resource Management System Project

Manufacturing resource management system project ( Vb.Net ) is also called as MRMS system which is useful for manufacturing companies for managing sales, work orders, quantity management, delivery details.   Manufacturing Resource Management System Modules Working: View/Create:            Quotation Quotation ID will be generated automatically. Add Button is used to create a New Quotation form. Press(…)

Student Average Calculator Mini Project

Student average calculator project is a simple visual basic ( vb.net ) application which is useful for students who  are looking for practice project or mini project. This application is used to calculate average of four subjects. Students can understand basics of visual basic programming and understand how to design simple forms and develop simple(…)

Online Survey System Project

Main objective of Online Survey System Project is to design a web application which can be easily integrated in any website like plugin to take surveys on different topics. At present we can see this type of poll survey related plugins in many website like news, entertainment, education, technology, mobiles, e purchasing websites.                  Advantages of(…)

Online Banking Information Management System Project

“Online banking information management system” being a real time project has the following objectives according to the requirements found after the data collection.    To maintain appropriate database tables for account section, customer record and other all types of transaction held in bank.   To provide authentication to each user.   To update data regularly(…)

Banking Management System Project

The Banking Management System Project is a application which helps to keep records of the day to day transactions which had made in the Bank. And the BMS also provides the various facilities to manage the Banks data and information by storing in the database. Banking Management System Project Overview: The present day is the time of(…)

Marks Sheet Management System Project

Marks sheet management system project or grade sheet project is a visual basic project developed for engineering colleges for handling marks of the students and designing online grading system for every student for each semester and subject. Marks Sheet Management System  Project Overview: At present for every education institute like MCA, BCA, MBA , Engineering colleges(…)

Hotel Management System Project in Vb.Net

“Hotel Management System  Project(HMS)” is a minor project developed in visual basic 6.0. This project can be used in hotels to facilitate to store new records of customers in database, to display the saved records with printing facilities.  Hotel Management System Project Overview: During the development of this project we have visited the hotel administration(…)

Books Management System Project

Books Management System Project is a management Software specially developed in Visual basic ( vb.net ) which is useful for maintain books in a procedure oriented manner. Users can easily search for books from index page and search for books to find our required book and read or download. Existing and Proposed System Overview: In(…)

Vb.Net Projects for Students

Final year projects and mini VB.NET projects for students with full source code and project report , synopsis and database design. These projects are developed by computer science students as final year projects. Along with vb.net projects students can download vb.net, php, java, android projects for free of cost.  Vb.Net Project Categories: Visual basic projects(…)

College Management System Project PPT

College Management System Project PPT covers over view about project design details like data flow diagram, sequence diagram, screen shots. Download Source code for this project in vb.net and Java. List of Contents in PPT: Project Synopsis Data flow diagram Screen shots Existing and proposed system Details System Requirements College Management System Over View: We(…)