MBA Project Report on Job Satisfaction of Employees

MBA Project Report on Job Satisfaction of Employees Overview: Using the calculated Simple percentage values for the variables, the level of satisfaction of the employees in the organization can be known. The level of satisfaction can be broadly classified into five groups. They are from 100 – 80% can be regarded as Highly Satisfied,  79(…)

Mba Project Report on Organizational Study

Mba Project Report on Organizational Study Conclusion: Communication is the lifeblood of business. It is a process of passing information and understanding from one person to another. It may be broadly defined as the process of meaningful interaction among human beings. It is something so simple and difficult that we can never put in simple(…)

Mba Project Report on Hospital Management Services

Mba Project on Hospital Management Services Introduction: The Marketing Management system of KMCH has triggered the recognition of a situation calling for a decision.  The Marketing Department of KMCH conducts a regular research on ‘Customer Satisfaction’ for the patients getting admitted in KMCH. This research was initiated with the intention to find out the satisfaction(…)

MBA Project Report on Customer Satisfaction

The project titled a study on RETAILER Customer Satisfaction with references to the retailers and wholesalers in UNIVERSAL NEONS, CHENNAI.        The company has been producing more quality perfumery products. The manufacturing process has been not affecting the environment. Dust is the primary waste material and it is contained by vacuuming and excellent ventilation. All paper goods(…)

Mba Project Report on Airtel Telecom

Mba Project on Airtel Telecom Industry Introduction: The Indian Telecommunication industry has grown into a billion dollar industry. In this unforgiving highly competitive industry it is not just doing something right that matters but it is also about doing nothing wrong. Making profit does not only mean a large customer base but also, depends on(…)

MBA Project Report on Corporate Finance

MBA Project on Corporate Finance and Executives  The conclusion is arrived through the analysis and interpretation. The organization should concentrate more towards Outdoor Marketing and Product display advertisement to increase more awareness of Direcway Global Education offering courses from premium business schools.              Most of the Corporate Executives believe that any certificates / degree from Premium(…)

Mba Project Report on Mutual Fund

 Mba Project on Mutual Fund Introduction:  Mutual fund is an investment that pools money from shareholders and invest in a variety of securities, such as stocks,bonds and money market instrument.The need of the study is to analze the performance of mutual funds in different sectors like  infrastructure, , Pharmaceuticals, Information Technology,banking,fmcg and service  and to(…)

Customer Satisfaction MBA Project Report

Customer Satisfaction MBA Project overview: Primary Objective: To study on Customer satisfaction Towards Smart Kid Education Plans of ICICI BANK.  Secondary Objective: To find out the key benefits of the smart kid educational plan.  To determine the satisfaction level of the respondents on the liquidity, protection, savings of the smart kid plan.  To evaluate the(…)

Init Test Python Networking Project

Init Test python networking project is developed to test ping status by continuously checking network address status and providing status of connection like connection failed, connected..etc. Project Category: Python Networking Project Source code file consists of library, encoding, socket, thread, unicodedata and other files. Download Init Test Python Networking Project