Grey Hound Fleet Vehicle Management System Project

Grey hound fleet vehicle management system project is designed to manage vehicles maintenance details, Vehicle repair and spare parts management with employee details and vendor’s details. This application is also useful to track vehicles performance and transportation details. Vehicle management software application consist of two main users admin and manager where managers are allotted by(…)

Net Conference Mini Project

Net Conference Project in is developed under dynamic internet concept which plays important role in established a computerized method of communication system between employees inside corporate company.  This application is useful for sharing data like documents, files, source code, project reports..etc.  E2M conference acts as a private network in a wide spread organization. Main(…)

Pesticides Distribution Management System Project

This project Pesticides  Distribution management system project ( Asp.Net ) is designed for Pesticides Company which wants to computerize management process that is included in sales and services and customer support. This application is developed in programming language using MS Sql Database.  Propest company want to include new technologies in to there work to improve(…)

E Banking Project Report

About The E – Banking Project in Java.   This money bank application is an online Web site for a Banking Application.  The application is a leading bank dealing and fulfilling the needs of all categories i.e. financial organizations, hospitals, universities and universities.  The site has information regarding the banking, loans and others.  About the Functionalities: (…)

Stock and Portfolio Management System Project

Stock and Portfolio Management System Project in Java application has been developed to act as a bridge between the stock broker and trade. The manual latency that exists in the system is eliminated and also the job scheduling standards becomes very faster within the system. The basic structure of the system. Maintain and manage the information(…)

Public Complaint Management System Project Abstract

Public Complaint Management System Project  is an important and inseparable aspect of any Police Office. To cater to the ever increasing workload of the employee, there is a need of comprehensive and cost  effective automation (software) package to automate the Complaint Sell’s work. The Business Process The business process starts when the Complainant given written(…)

Trade Network Distribution Management System Project

Trade Network Distribution Management System Project is a web application developed for computerizing process of distribution for traders to increase sales and to reach maximum users. A group of hardware vendors (from Bangalore) turned into a Syndicate to compete with the currently prevailing fierce competition.  These Syndicate members are spread across the city to provide(…)

Food Corporation of India Project

Food Corporation of India Project is developed in programming language. In this project we will explain about this project and requirements with source code and project report download. FCI (FOOD CORPORATION OF INDIA) is a  organization  which  stores grain in  different  Type  of  Godown . It also moves (inword / outword)  grain from different(…)

Water and Land Management Institute Project

Water and Land Management Institute (WALMI) is a training institute for training personnel/ in-service officers of Department of Rural Development, Water Resources, Agriculture, PHED, Horticulture, Mandi Board, Fisheries, Animal Husbandry etc. besides various missions related with water and land management and allied aspects of it.         Water and Land Management Institute software in(…)

Online Examination System Project

The purpose of Online Examination System Project in Java is to take online examination in an efficient & effective way & no time wasting for checking the paper. For students they attempt papers according to their convenient time and there is no need of using extra thing like paper, pen etc.The main authority is with(…)