Banking Management System Project

The Banking Management System Project is a application which helps to keep records of the day to day transactions which had made in the Bank. And the BMS also provides the various facilities to manage the Banks data and information by storing in the database. Banking Management System Project Overview: The present day is the time of(…)

Facebook Friends on Google Map Android Source Code

Main objective of facebook friends on google map android application is to develop a simple application which is useful for users to locate friends on google map who are listed in their friends list.    Project Overview:  At present social networking is the ongoing trend in every country. With this improvement of users visiting social(…)

ECG Android Project Source Code

Main objective of this application is to design a ECG application which uses wireless technology (vitalsense from Intelsense). These sensors will detect and send ECG data signals using Bluetooth technology. ECG Android Project Overview: With the advancement of mobile technology there are new ideas involved in to it mainly app development is the fast growing(…)

Bank Account Tracking System Android Project

Bank account tracking system is a android project developed for mobiles which works on android platform. Main objective of this application is to help users to track balance, transaction details of different bank accounts of the user. Bank Account Tracking System Features Overview: Add New Account: Using this feature we can add new account to list(…)

Class Time Table Android Source Code

Class Time table Android App development with source code and step by step procedure to execute this project t is explained in this application.  Project Overview:  Class time table project main objective is to develop a android app which can help institutions, schools or colleges faculty members to plan and schedule classes and batches. Train(…)

Insurance and Banking Notifier Android Project

This application Insurance and Banking Notifier is a android application which is specially developed for users who want to get notifications on personal finance related information on their mobiles.  Project Introduction:  In present trend smart phones are playing important role in providing information for users on go. Because of vast features of smart phones apps(…)

Marks Sheet Management System Project

Marks sheet management system project or grade sheet project is a visual basic project developed for engineering colleges for handling marks of the students and designing online grading system for every student for each semester and subject. Marks Sheet Management System  Project Overview: At present for every education institute like MCA, BCA, MBA , Engineering colleges(…)

Hotel Management System Project in Asp.Net

Hotel management system Project in Asp.Net (HMS) is a small program that is related in the field of hotels to manage customers. This project is designed to fulfill the need of the future generations.  This project is small package which includes different categories as well as having all possible features. We have expected that it(…)

Hotel Management System Project Report

This program entitled “ Hotel Management System Project ” is a minor group work of BCA IVth semester students. It is a small software package which is helpful in the areas of Hotel. This program package includes all the activities in which the hotel is managed. The activities like customer room reservation, the user management, the inventory(…)

Hotel Management System Project in Vb.Net

“Hotel Management System  Project(HMS)” is a minor project developed in visual basic 6.0. This project can be used in hotels to facilitate to store new records of customers in database, to display the saved records with printing facilities.  Hotel Management System Project Overview: During the development of this project we have visited the hotel administration(…)