Cyber Credit Card System Project

Cyber credit card system project is developed in java programming language. Main objective of this project is to design a web application which will help users to make purchase using credit card. This application will validate credit card details like security number, and expiry date and product discounts. After process of validation is completed money(…)

Cyber Cafe Billing System Project

Cyber cafe billing System Project is management software specially developed for internet centers for managing daily user’s details, billing information, machine records, rate settings, transaction details, machine records, new machine records and daily reports. Cyber Cafe Billing System Over view: With the improvement of software technology and human resource in developing applications it has became(…)

Online Library Management System Project

Online library management system project works on intranet which is accessible by students and lecturers from any location inside college surroundings.  Basic functionality of this software is to help students to search for books and magazines and study material which are available in college library and students can select books from list and place request(…)

Online Survey System Project

Main objective of Online Survey System Project is to design a web application which can be easily integrated in any website like plugin to take surveys on different topics. At present we can see this type of poll survey related plugins in many website like news, entertainment, education, technology, mobiles, e purchasing websites.                  Advantages of(…)

Online Banking Information Management System Project

“Online banking information management system” being a real time project has the following objectives according to the requirements found after the data collection.    To maintain appropriate database tables for account section, customer record and other all types of transaction held in bank.   To provide authentication to each user.   To update data regularly(…)